My People and Your People

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Something has happened in Sydney since my last visit and I’ve got to admit I love it! It’s a lingo thing and us Aussie’s love our lingo.

Whilst organising my two workshops I had numerous phone calls to make with local labs, venues and party hire places and just like that someone I was dealing with dropped ‘well, get your people to call by’.

Carla Coulson all of a sudden had ‘people’. Visions of me are swirling in my mind of me sitting in the centre of a room surrounded by my ‘people’ calling, cooking, cleaning and buffing all in high shoes filing their nails.. I am in love.

The first time it happened I was chuckling to myself thinking the lab had gone all groovy in my absence and then I called the venue I was hiring and I got ‘yes, your people came to see me last week’. I nearly fell off the chair, I realised instead of having an assistant, an organiser, someone to help me, I had ‘people’ and I love it.

Gosh have I taken to the ‘people’ lingo.

An hour ago I was finalising an order of prints with the lab and it just rolled off my tongue ‘I’ll get my people to whizz over this afternoon’ an hour later I had to call the photo hire dudes and I told them ‘my people will pick up the monopod at one’ not a ruffled feather, not a hiccup on the conversation just smooth sailing. Things did get a little rocky when I called my mother and told her  ‘our people will be coming to dinner’ (my brother and I!!!).

It’s great to step out of old Europe and into the new world, so many things are familiar yet so much has changed. I can’t wait to find out more new and fascinating lingo that I am sure is lurking in the corners of my old town.

What are your people up to?

“Friends are angels sent down to earth to make good days and help us find our way”. Unknown

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8 Responses to My People and Your People

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning Carla! My people are up to their knees in SNOW! WE had a snow fall last weekend that made our place look like a fairytale. We needed a good photographer around here to capture the beauty! Anita

  2. My people are taking me to see The Hobbit today.. because I have reached the end of my tolerance for hot sunshine .. who woulda thunk it ?

    besos, Carla, enjoy !

  3. La Contessa says:

    My people as in dogs and a cat are doing what they do best at the moment Napping!Love the term “your people”.It seems you have arrived!Congratulations!

  4. this is so funny…in LA “my people always take a meeting”

  5. Silvia says:

    Good morning Carla, I don’t have any people but I loved your story and quote, made my day :) Buona giornata x “Friends are angels sent down to earth to make good days and help us find our way”.

  6. Corrina Tough says:

    Hi Carla, my people are about to spend two days on a property in beautiful Berry ( NSW) for an early xmas gathering with extended family(people) cousins, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, nana’s etc etc- when “my people” get together there are over 30 of us! Can’t wait we get there this afternoon- lucky for me I live very close! xxCorrina. PS Berry Tea Store here I come!

  7. Susan "Paparazzi" Papazian says:

    I’m just getting my people to ring your people to see if we can do lunch…minus my people. You’re welcome to bring yours!

  8. This was a fun read! I use the phrase occasionally but always with a cheeky grin and in jest. I never realised it was used properly in some circles. I love the fun you’ve had with it since!

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