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It’s out. Gourmet Traveller’s Italian issue with a story I shot of Giorgio Armani’s favourite things to do in Milan. Some pics from the piece above..

Here are 5 Things I loved from his list.

1. Take the lift to the roof of the Duomo – you will be gasping for breath.

2. Meet friends for drinks at the bar on the 7th floor of the Armani Hotel - more gasping for breath.. Divine view and decor.

3. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie - book ahead

4. Take a walk down via Montenapoleone for the some of the most incredible window shopping in Europe.

5. Spend half a day at the Pinacoteca di Brera - Milan’s Louvre packed full of art treasures..

To get the full story, check out this month’s issue here.

Go Glam


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11 Responses to Milan For Gourmet Traveller – Recently Published Work

  1. You are killing me Carla…Milan, I have never been and I love Italy! If I had my choice between living in France and Italy…I have to say I would go with the latter. Those Italians…so loveable! :)

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Carla your photos are beautiful of course! Pure perfection and of course I agree with all of his picks–this man has impeccable taste! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. What wonderful work, Carla–as always! I really hope to get to Milan some day and now I have a great starting list for when I do…Merci!

  4. dustjacket says:

    Where’s the passport!

  5. What a wonderful honor. Looks like a fab. book.

  6. Looks like an incredible list! I’d love to hit them all and will save the article to remember all these great spots. (Not to mention the photos)!

  7. I think that what Mr Armani says about the energy and contradiction of Milan, goes also for Brussels..
    I hope that one day you will come and see for yourself.
    Your photographs are bellissime !

  8. Janine says:

    Carla, complimenti!! I saw your beautiful snaps in GT when it first came out and loved your work then too. I love the understated elegance and savvy charm of Milan. I would add the museo/studio of architect Achille Castiglioni (right near Castello Sforzesco) to your lovely list. Very special… Janine xx

  9. BRAVISIMO Carla!
    I Love Milano…but no gelato?
    Go back!

  10. Oh, I think I see a side trip coming on next fall…………you make me want to go to Milan Carla. What a great assignment Carla, I bet you had the best time. Beautiful photos. Much love XO

  11. Photos are great! I think I love Italy as much as I love Ireland even if I have never lived in Italy longer than holiday time ;-)

    I also read your own article about French gardens… Paris tango and I am so enchanted!!!

    Cheers ;-) Marta

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