Lovely Links and Summer in Paris

Paris Copyright Carla Coulson

I hope you had a great weekend!

Paris was beautiful this weekend and on friday night I took one of my favourite walks, along the quais, around Ile-St-Louis and down to the madness of Paris Plage.

Along the way I snapped with instagram..

Today I have some fabulous links that will take-you-away from your daily life and deposit you in the lives of these talented men and women:

Those of you who drop by here regularly know that I am huge fan of reportage photographer Steve McCurry. He of one of the world’s most famous portraits, the green eye girl on the cover of National Geographic, has travelled the world capturing life and emotions. I adore his blog and loved this post called ‘The World’s Ride’. For those of you who have ever had a love affair with a bike and the freedom it brings no matter how old or young you are, will love his take of one of the world’s most fabulous inventions. Steve, Carla Loves you!!

English girls Amanda & Jane are The Women’s Room  having both worked in fashion for years they have made this blog a daily post of things they love. Both over 40 their wish is to “celebrate growing older in a positive, witty and stylish way” …..3 cheers to that!

I love the Italian “street style” series from a recent Italian trip and a special surprise at a Lucca flea market running into Dame Vivienne Westwood love the pics of DVW and story!

Paris Plage 2012 Carla Coulson

Jilly lives in the breath taking French Riviera town of Menton hence the name of her blog Menton Daily. Menton has just hosted the ‘Ma Ville est Tango’ a yearly festival where people come to dance the Tango, looks like they have a wonderful time and I think by the posts so did Jilly watching them move to this sensual dance each evening! If you love dogs pop on over to one of her other blog Riviera Dogs and catch the latest dog action on the Riviera so cute!

Destination Umbria is a beautiful blog written by Janine who lives in Melbourne but dreams of Italy! Janine is Australian born BUT Sicilian by heritage and has just returned from a month long holiday to Italy her posts capture her travels and experiences with passion and lots of Italian love!!

CaviarandMint an eco luxe travel blog allowing us to “still indulge in five-star fabulousness – a swanky mountain retreat, glam outback camp or enchanting island hideaway –  while also doing your bit for the planet.” These girls are doing their research and hand pick the hotels to a certain criteria, they call it “Glamorous getaways without the guilt”

My Marrakesh  is a blog by Maryam an American woman who owns the beyond beautiful boutique guesthouse  Peacock Pavilions  just out of Marrakesh. A human rights and democracy specialist who’s career has taken her to over 40 countries and in addition Maryam has travelled to another 32 countries!! Now that is “well travelled”. I loved Marrakesh and this blog allows me an occasional drift back to the mint tea wafting souks that I was mesmerized with…. Next time I am staying at Peacock Pavilions.

Three cheers for creative friends



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15 Responses to Lovely Links and Summer in Paris

  1. Anya Adores says:

    I adore your pictures Carla, the Paris plage looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all these awesome new blogs, will be checking these out for sure.
    Happy week,

  2. Thanks for the reading pleasures! Off to Italy in 3 weeks including a trip down to Sicily so I’m going to trawl your site for some more Italy love to get me inspired. Enjoy the sun in Paris. x

  3. Oh I wish I was still in Europe. I had the most magical trip. Following you on Instagram now too x

  4. Carla, oh-so-talented Carla! I’m bowled over to be included in your list of blogs today. So glad you loved the tango photos. I loved taking them.

    Thankyou so much!

    love Jilly xxx

  5. These are terrific photos Carla. I love how you’ve put them together. So lovely. Thank you, as always, for great links to really interesting blogs and people. Have a great week. Jx

  6. Great pics Carla!
    Just spent 45 min at The Women’s Room
    I will do something constructive and return for more goodies :)

  7. Janine says:

    Carla, what a lovely lovely surprise!!! I feel very honoured indeed to be included in such lovely links… I’ve been indulging just now. Much more fun than late night Olympics! Watching that is. And your Paris beach scenes are the ultimate summer in the city shots. Beautiful.
    Grazie tesoro! Jxx

  8. sarah says:

    Just beautiful!

  9. Karen Eileen says:

    Have been to Italy and France and England are next on my list…beautiful photos. Loved them all.

  10. Georgianna says:

    I love your Instagram photos, Carla! (I can’t seem to get the hang of it.) I think the Plage is so great, chaos and all.

    Terrific links and will certainly enjoy them. Hope your week is gorgeous and that your trip to Italy is more magical than you can imagine. xo

  11. I just can’t wait to go back to Paris. Great shots.


  12. LatteLisa says:

    This isn’t helping my Paris obsession! ;-)

    Sigh, these are simply lovely.

  13. birdman says:

    Love reading your words on fashion. And thanks for the link to McCury’s work. Inspirational!

  14. jann says:

    Carla–your photos make me pine for Paris! Look at the way those cobbles shine! Am also a huge fan of Steve McCurry. xxxx

  15. sabrina says:

    I adore the pictures – it brings a smile to my face and a spring to my walk!

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