Lovely Links and Breathtaking Portraits

 All images copyright Hugh Stewart

Photographer Hugh Stewart is a New Zealand born photographer that divides his time between Sydney, London and New York. His portraiture is like looking at a canvas in a gallery, somewhere between a photo and a painting. I find them mesmerizing. Hugh is a legend in Australian photography circles and has worked for every prestigious magazine ever published in Australia. Three cheers for Hugh!

Italy Baroque Sicily  is my Italian blog for this week, Jann Huizenga is a photographer and writer living part- time in Sicily. This magical island she says has “cast it’s spell on me” 2007.

Jann shares with us her life adventures in a foreign country, everything from buying and renovating a house in Italy in a quaint cobblestone village to top tourist tips and this gorgeous post of a slideshow of My Men in Rome. Her stories have been published on many travel writing sites and Jann has won numerous awards, so get yourself settled before you click over to this one folks you may be there for a while!!

French Manon 21 is a blog by a French woman and is delightful . I would love to sip on her Walnut Wine and try the recipe which she traditionally makes and shares with her neighbor when visiting Provence. You  will be smelling the salt in the air and reaching for your favourite swimsuit when reading her summer vacation post of a  picture perfect peek of St Tropez her vacation destination for many years.

Style and Design I have followed Danielle’s blog the Style Files for many years and I just adore her take on all things décor, design, art and travel.

I drop in for a design inspiration hit for ideas for our (one day) renovation of our little piece of paradise in the country in Puglia!! She also has a lovely shop Le Souk where you can find some  treasures and trinkets…. I would love one of these Filisky Star Lights from Egypt.

Health and Wellbeing Zen Habits author Leo Baubauta  has daily thought provoking articles to help us find the simplicity in our often crazy, schedule driven, time poor  daily life! As Leo says…It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. Click here  to get some life enhancing tips nothing too scary no 1: Breathe 2: Be Still…

And if you feel like a love story and a visit to Puglia at the same time check out Head Over Heels..

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14 Responses to Lovely Links and Breathtaking Portraits

  1. matt says:

    some really nice portraits here and something different then the usual. I even like the fact I don’t know who the chap is one of them. Very striking images

  2. Natasha says:

    Oh they are wonderful portraits – I am off to check out more of Hugh’s work!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Came across Hugh’s work a couple of years ago and have featured it a few times…love it.

  4. Great list of links and photos
    I could read here all day!
    but must go breath and do nothing.

  5. Your gracious self has been at work.I will trot over to the links you have provided.

  6. Manon says:

    Un grand merci,je découvre ainsi ton blog.

    Bonjour de Provence.


  7. Cynthia says:

    Cool links, thanks!

  8. Love these photographs but also really appreciate the links … very generous so thank you !!!

  9. love these photos… and i love your page as well…

    All the way from South Africa

  10. Love these.

    Just got a new camera so I am SUPER geeked!
    Is that first one Nicole? Looks like a shot from Moulin Rouge.
    Bon Weekend!

  11. love the portraits and have been off exploring the links you gave me! Only got as far as Style Files and I already love Zen Habits.

    Yes three cheers for Hugh!!
    ciao lisa x

  12. Janine says:

    Thank you so much Carla. I love Hugh’s use of colour (and the way all the portraits coordinate so well!) I am a big fan of Jann already and it’s lovely to she her talked about here too! A post perfect for a rather grey Melbourne Sunday. Keep up the brilliant work! Jxx

  13. jann says:

    Ciao Carla–thank you so much for this write up and for linking to my blog. I’ve just been looking at your “before and after” pix and they make me want to fly right over to Paris!! Brava!!!!! What beautiful photography (& a great business idea).

  14. Hugh’s work is amazing. Thank you, as always, for these lovely links. Jx

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