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Puglia Copyright Carla Coulson

The lovely and talented photographer Sivan Askayo takes beautiful, colourful, graphic images of life and I love her work. She has kindly shared some of my images and an interview on photography and life today on her blog! Big thanks to Sivan for her generosity and you can read the interview here.

As life is about sharing and I continue to stumble across incredible work and blogs, I am sharing some stars with you this week! 

Food and Lifestyle photographer Nicole Franzen’s blog La Buena Vida  will take you on a visual journey of her love of food and  travel.  Not only does Nicole  photograph food she is also provides some mouth watering recipes to try!

Lisa lives in Luxembourg and admits to having just a “hint” of Paris obsessing!! Her lovely blog LatteLisa is always a  treat to visit and  I really enjoyed this post on Textile Designer John Robshaw. John”s work is amazing on many levels as you will read on his about page and his shop is a treasure trove of all things fabulous for the home with such unique textiles, make a pot of tea and click on over to his site

DeeAnne White has raised her children, had a very full and rewarding career and is at a time in her life where she is enjoying the finer things in life, her blog – Live the charmed life -the elegant guide to lifestyle design. DeeAnne has some uplifting and thought provoking incites into living your best life!

DeeAnnes’s story is inspiring and you will adore her list 100 Ways to Age with Grace, Elegance & Joie De Vivre

Sharon from My French Country Home  is “almost French” having lived in Normandy for a very long time but originally from UK. If you love France you will be delighted with a peek into her life in the cobbled country lanes she and here family call home. Sharon runs Brocante Tours and also has a sweet guest cottage on the grounds of the home as one of her loves is a full house and entertaining this might be a great one to bookmark for your next French holiday!

Italian Allure Melissa’s blog on travel and her  adventures will give you some of  wonderful tips on travel, accommodation in some of her favourite Italian destinations think Italian Riveria and Amalfi….heaven!

And the fabulous Vicki Archer on her beautiful blog French Essence asks the million dollar question of the summer, To Bikini or Not Bikini?  Which side are you on?

Buon Voyage


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6 Responses to Links I Love

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much Carla, such a lovely mention. Your website looks really amazing, I love it! x

  2. LatteLisa says:

    Thank you Carla for including me in your links, I’m happy to be here with Nicole. I have been following her blog for a long time and love her photography.

    By the way, I think the word ‘hint’ is quite an understatement ;-)

  3. This week I don’t know if I’m coming or going! So many great reads waiting in my email, and now these as well! How do you keep up with it all x

  4. classiq says:

    So wonderful to find LatteLisa among your links. There is a phrase I use to describe Lisa’s gorgeous blog: the art of beautiful living. :)

  5. have been busy lately and not had time for much commenting
    went to la bella roma !! for the weekend and looooved it of course, even in the almost 40° heat !
    will check your links later

  6. Thank you for introducing me to lattelisa … very stylish !!! Thank you also for your tips on blogging and photography … has helped me enormously.

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