Italian Rustic

Italian Architect Marco Costanzi’s home in Puglia Images via Style Files

I love Danielle de Lange’s daily decor inspiration. A women after my own heart, she constantly posts beautiful rustic homes around the Mediterranean.

Who wouldn’t want one I ask?

Imagine life under the olive trees, kicking back on the veranda with the soundtrack of cicada’s clicking away and preparing lunch in an outdoor kitchen, whipping down to the local market to pick up mozzarella or prosciutto or picking fresh fruit off your own trees. Bring it own!

I love the simplicity of the above home by Italian architect Marco Costanzi, who bought a mini pajara in Puglia and converted into a holiday get-away.. I am still wishing and hoping and praying..

In the meantime I am salivating over Italian Rustic , Restoring a Home In Italy and An Island Sanctuary.

Home sweet home

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10 Responses to Italian Rustic

  1. Carla, I originally saw this home in Cote Sud at the end of last year and I have to say that this tiny get away made me dream more than any mansion!

    I also love that you mention Elizabeth Minchilli’s amazing books. She has a fantastic blog too. :)

    Bon weekend!

  2. Melissa G says:

    I love rooms with lofted spaces. I have always been an upstairs kind of person. I just love stairs.

  3. What a wonderful home,and it looks like a home.A place where you could kick back and really the decor too.i would be very happy to live there.

  4. auntybelle says:

    Have been to Italy several times but never Puglia–must get there next time.

    Lofts are clever use of space and so playful–who doesn’t love a loft?

  5. Claudia Lane says:

    So beautiful Carla. Hope you are well. Ciao x

  6. Carla, i’m sure one day you’ll have your own pretty paradise in Puglia….oh yes this one is to dream for…

    I’ve just seen the photoshoot you did with Carol and wanted to tell you how much I love what you did ! You’re fabulous and Véronique too !
    x Lala

  7. Susan says:

    I love, love that house inside and out, thankyou for sharing. I’ll just have a little daydream now about an alternative lifesetting.

  8. Clare says:

    Oh, stop it! I’m at work I’ll have you know! Hahaha! (no, really, keep posting these dreamy images!!)

    ~ Clare x

  9. Gorgeous……I agree….bring it on!!!!

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