How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture - Carla Coulson
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How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture

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Dear Photographers,

I know everyone wants to take better photos and capturing the architecture of a city or place we are travelling to is high on my list.

The architecture of certain places prod me out of bed early in the morning and the town of Martina Franca and surrounding villages left me breathless.

Here is a basic lesson in shooting different types of architecture of a town to tell it’s story.

How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture

Iconic Masterpieces

Every city (almost) has an iconic piece of architecture (or two) that defines it. Sydney has the Opera House, Paris the Tower Eiffel, Venice the Doges Palace and St Marks Church and Florence the incredible Duomo. Martina Franca has this beautiful baroque church of known as the Basilico di San Martino.

Try and include an iconic masterpiece in your travel story, you can bring your own slant to it by shooting it in the light you like, or a particular time of day or something quirky in the foreground.

How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture

Humble Exteriors

A well rounded travel story needs many different angles of the city which means showing different areas and architecture. Although Baroque can be majestic in Martina Franca it also can be humble. Every doorway is framed in a baroque masterpiece.

Keep your eyes peeled for architecture that tells a different story to the iconic masterpieces.

How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture

Get Up High

In most cities there is an important landmark (such as the cathedral in Milan below) where you can get a different vantage point on the city. Can be fun too if there is a lift!

This was taken from a beautiful balcony where I held my first travel photography workshop in Puglia.

How To Tell A Travel Story of Architecture


Interiors are another fabulous way to get in the architecture of a city. Getting inside adds depth to your story and tells a more intimate part of the cities life. The pic was taken in Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca

photo 6

Architectural Details

I am a huge fan of details in all their form from architectural details to simple striped curtains covering a doorway to a house, a carved face on a corner of a street, washing strung in front of a beautiful buildings.. Don’t overlook details, they often tell the best stories!

I hope you enjoyed this little post about telling the story of a town’s architecture.

Love and light


PS: if you thought these pics were beautiful standing in these streets is even better. One place available for my JUNE STORYTELLING WORKSHOP IN PUGLIA in this very town. Feel free to email me at cause it’s going to be good!

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