How To Bring About True Change


It seems many people close to me are in a state of confusion and want to change their lives and I am often asked about the process of change and ‘how I changed my life’.

So folks if you are sitting out their in your lounge-room dying to change your life you might enjoy my thoughts?

I decided to ponder this question and reflect on many steps and ‘actions’ that were part of my journey to truly changing my life.

When I was dissatisfied with my life I felt as though I had locked myself in a room with no doors.

I knew I was unhappy but I could’t see the way out until I had an epiphany (delivered in the form of a present as the best client of 1999 at my local Thai Takeaway) and then my brain cleared, the clouds were swept away and all of a sudden doors opened.

Change Change I believe is a habit.

I had moved town 4 times by the time I was sixteen and lived in 18 different addresses in Sydney before I eventually moved to Italy. Every weekend of my childhood my parents took our family ‘somewhere new’. I was put on a plane when I was 4 with my big sister who was 5 and off we flew to our grandparents almost 1000kms away. Our parents each year took us on a holiday to a new corner of our world whether we loaded up the Valiant or we slept on a bus for the best part of 48 hours to reach the top of Australia.

Excitement, newness and adventure  I discovered looking back on my journey (and comparing my life to others) is part of my DNA imprinting.

So when the day came to go off and find a life I had dreamed of I was kind of pragmatic about it and I think this ‘action’ is an important key to true change.


You can talk about change to you are black and ‘pink’ in the face but true change comes when you pick up a piece of paper and start a plan, take the first step towards something you want but never dared to do, move out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable (nobody ever said change was cosy) or do something you have never done before.

Change is easier for some and harder for others but this doesn’t mean that all of us can’t make change happen.


So here is a little advice.. Take one step today towards something you have always but only ever thought about, comtemplated or dreamed of doing. Even if that is grabbing an excel file and working out your finances, going to meet someone you have always wanted to, write an email that you have been putting off forever and start putting change into practice.

Change is a million little steps and until you can take the first one change will just be another word in the dictionary.

True change requires action.

Sending you all my best wishes from Paris.

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” Martin Luther King


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14 Responses to How To Bring About True Change

  1. Hi Carla,
    Your message today about change is so timely for me and for many others, I can imagine.

    I wanted to write to you with my tale of “change”…

    Since I “retired” five years ago from a most fulfilling twenty five year career in the extremely busy, highly creative and hugely stimulating world of craft and retail I have been searching for my next life niche.

    I have dabbled on the periphery of photography as a keen amateur, written itineraries and advised on all things Paris.I have enrolled and enjoyed numerous courses in cooking, photography,etc.

    Last month I bit the bullet and took a deep breath and dived right in to a new business venture combining my love of travel, textiles and imagery.

    I spent a few weeks in Bali sourcing the right fabrics, finding a willing printer and perfecting all the finishing details and –
    voila, the Paisley Print Company was born!

    I did have a moment in the frenetic fabric markets of Denpasar when it was hot and confusing and I paused and thought “what are you doing this for Joanna when you could be lying by the pool with a good book”, but I reminded myself that I had been searching for a challenge and here it was staring me in the face. Carpe Diem as they say …

    Cushions are the first item off the press with more ideas to follow and just this week I was excited to hear from the selection panel of the Life In Style show that I have been invited to market my range at their next exhibition in Sydney.

    That long screed is just to reiterate your encouraging message to keep on trying and do not be afraid of fresh starts and different paths.

    I had felt rather “lost” when I first retired and then breast cancer and its treatment put me in my box for a while.
    I was starting to wonder if I really did have to join the golf and bridge set, which does not appeal as yet.

    In Bali I discovered an old notebook in which I had written my dream for this very idea – and that was over five years ago !

    As you write so positively, keep on dreaming and planning – and it will happen …
    Joanna Brazier

    • Carolyn says:

      Such an inspirational post, Joanna. Congratulations and good luck! Carolyn

    • Carla says:

      Joanna thank you for sharing your story it is so inspiring and congratulations on taking up another challenge and not joining the bridge set just yet! I am so happy my post was timely for you it sounds like you are busy with the new chapter in your life, it all sounds so exciting I am sure with all your experience it will be a successful venture. Best of luck at the Life in Style show WOW you must be thrilled. xxx Carla
      I appreciate your lovely comments and continued support

  2. Thank you Carla and to Joanna as well for her comment. You both remind me that it is never too late…
    Gros Bisous from Arles et Bon Weekend,
    PS. I think that you are photographing my friend Elizabeth soon–it might be today!–Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall…

  3. Carolyn says:

    Carla, you are such an amazing, inspiring and beautiful person. C xx

  4. NARA says:

    Carla, you’re amazing.
    I think you make me and lots of people live the life they want to live.
    I really appreciate your words.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. what a beautiful way with words, Carla + “change” never looked so good. PS great read Joanna

  6. La Contessa says:

    Change is good for the soul and yes Heather my soul was soaring today as Madame Carla shot me and my boys !!!I Dreamed of doing this and made it happen.I have no regrets what so ever and will fondly remember this day for as long as I am able.
    Step out of the box people you must create your own happiness no one can do it for you.Baby steps are okay just take that leap and those wings will find you!!!
    Grazie Millie Mama of Avedon for a wonderful, wonderful day!

  7. Mumbai says:

    Making a big life change is pretty scary but, know what is even scarier? Regret. Ups and downs in life are so complying and let us grow and grow.

  8. chillcat says:

    So true. I also seem to be surrounded by people in the middle of this anguish. I also think people should talk less and act more! We don’t have forever to examine our dreams – every day is so important. Xcat

  9. Breadispain says:

    Delightful post – so happy to have discovered your blog. I, too, up and left my life for adventures overseas (from US to NZ and then Australia and now France)…it took me 5 years of thinking about it and working up the courage to do it and now I can’t imagine going back! You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk!

  10. True Change….I feel it is happening to me every single day. As if I am being rewritten from the inside out.

    Perhaps a Parisian photo shoot to add to my dream 50th, hmmmm xx

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