How I Photographed The Emotions Of Naples

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0006

Shooting a book from scratch of a city you love is a wonderful project especially when it is as rich photographically as Naples.

Naples is Italy on steriods, everything is on surround sound, emotions are strong as is the driving! Life is rich, markets overflow on the streets and the Neapolitans inhabit their emotions (all of them) like a comfortable shirt.

I wanted Naples A Way Of Love to reflect this richness of emotions.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0013

Fab author Lisa Clifford and I discussed and researched Naples for months before shooting.

Lisa the true pro that she is got on the batphone straight to the Italian Cultural Association who gave us access to photograph so many special places out of hours and normally out of bounds.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0002

But for me what I really wanted to capture was the heart and soul of this great town and it’s people.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0008

On previous trips to Naples during a 12 year period I was astounded by the passion and verve with which the Neapolitans live life.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0007

They literally throw their bodies into a discussion on the simplest subject, live their lives on the streets for all to see, worry just about enjoying today as tomorrow is another day and revel in spontaneity.

I adored the body language of this guy!

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0005

To capture this as a photographer you need to be part of life. Lisa and I walked the streets of Naples most days from daylight to dusk talking with the locals, drinking coffee with them, entering kitchens and pizzeria’s and watching life unfurl before our eyes.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0010

I am always looking at body language, trying to capture movement, being as discreet as possible in some moments and let life play out as naturally as possible in others and then provocative when I need to be so the image is full of life.

Carla Coulson Lisa Clifford Naples A Way Of Love0014

I am always looking at life like choreographed music and what it is saying to me? A linked arm, a tender moment, fun, body language and when the moment it is right and all the legs and planets have aligned I snap!

This was the first time I have shot Italy since Italian Joy with total freedom and no agenda. Naples A Way Of Love and it’s photos were taken from the heart, in awe and wonder of this great town and for the pure joy of taking great photos.

Where can you get it?

All good books stores in Australia and New Zealand and if you can’t make it into one you can order it online here




“The crisis is not financial: the crisis is in people’s hearts. We need more love and happiness not money.”  Anna Matuozzo from Naples A Way Of Love 

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11 Responses to How I Photographed The Emotions Of Naples

  1. Carolyn says:

    You not only captured the essence of Naples with your stunning photos, but your words above truly give an amazing snapshot of life there. To think I arrived at Naples station and drove straight to Positano!! A return visit is now on the agenda! You are indeed a very talented gal.

    C xx

  2. I adore that photo of the dancers Carla, all of them actually but that one in particular. I get shy about pointing the camera at someone; how do you get around that? Do you ask for permission before or after or not at all?

  3. Your book is such a visceral experience – just wonderful. Congratulations to you both for bringing us all such joy. Fxx

  4. La Contessa says:

    WE can see you snap from the HEART CARLA………its all there we can see!!!

  5. Carla, you treat us to a view of Naples many of us would never see otherwise, and you capture the very essence of the place and its people. Another treasure for my bookcase- if it makes it there, my pile of Carla books sits next to my bed so I can grab one and open it at any page for inspiration!! xx Corrina Tough- PS had a ball the other night and feel so inspired.

  6. I now have the book! + take it from me it is wonderful.

  7. Liz says:

    I can’t wait to have a copy (my Xmas wishlist!) to pour over and over all 2014! I have Italian Joy in my Amazon basket waiting for me to head to the UK to buy. As I live in the deep Mediterranean South – a tiny island of Malta even more southerly than Sicily – your Neopolitan photos resonate. So many scenes I can beam into and that get played out here too in Malta (and Sicily, which I visit often). Do you know when/if Naples is going to be published in Europe (UK?), so I can get it easily? Can’t wait!!! All the best for 2014 Carla, and enjoy Aus. I am learning so much from your thoughtful posts.

  8. Natalie says:

    Thank you Carla for this heartfelt preview. The rehearsal moment and a happy little kid are extraordinary moments, lucky stroke and sharpshooting eye, when truly the stars aligned.
    The happy song of the heart in love.
    Congratulations !

  9. Carla, you have taken me away to a place I should have been born. The Amalfi Coast of Italy is truly in my heart. I have spent months up and down the entire Mediterranean coastline, loving Sorrento the best. I have Italian heritage which always tugs me back. And, you are totally right, all of these people live their lives out loud, proudly. I am ordering the book right now.
    Thank you for this beautiful preview, such a heart-felt production I’m certain. Happy New Year, my friend !!

  10. Anya Jensen says:

    Happy New Year Carla- may 2014 bring you everything you wish for and more.
    Much love Axxx

  11. Sally says:

    Bellissimo! This is going on my wishlist right now. Naples get such a bad press. Thank you for presenting the human side of the city.

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