Hipstamatic App on Your Iphone – Tutorial

Blanko Film with John S Lens great for sunny days. On shady days you have a green colour cast

I have been promising for so very long to share with you one of my favourite Iphone photo applications.  

I am 100 percent addicted to Hipstamatic because the designers of this app have packed great colours, contrast, effects and borders in this app that an analogue photographer will love and make our pictures look like rockstars!

For those of you that have never seen this application it looks like my old Leica and I love the aethestic as much as the results. Just too cool to use. A standing ovation to the designers.

What does Hipstamatic do?

Hipstamatic through the various lens and films creates effects like cross-processing, high contrast black and whites, polaroid colours and vignetting that we used to use in analogue photography. They use all sorts of techniques that us photographers love like blur, overlays, contrast and grain. With one click it delivers you a beautifully coloured picture that you can print up to 20cm x 20cm without ever touching photoshop. Loving that!

How to Use it:

Download the app from your istore

IMAGE 1: Main Menu Hipstamaticfrom left to right: film choice, flash choice, Camera Case choice, shopping basket and the arrow flips you to the back of the camera.

The first image you will see is IMAGE 1  at the top image of this post and the little icons along the bottom of the camera allow you to choose a film type, different flash, change the case, buy a new film and the arrow flips you between the front and the back of the camera.

IMAGE 2: Back of the camera left to right first square will preview all your photos, the second square tells you how many photos are still to be developed, the star is a favourites menu where you can store your favourite combos like a quick menu and the arrow flips you to the front of the camera.

The above image is the back and the menus are from left to right  first square will preview all your photos, the second square tells you how many photos are still to be developed, the star is a favourites menu where you can store your favourite combos like a quick menu and the arrow flips you to the front of the camera.


1. Yellow Button: touch to take a photo

2. Square is the viewfinder

3. Rounded oblong on left is the film you are currently using (love it)


IMAGE 3: FILM loader, swipe the film upwards and a new film will arrive. Swipe in the middle of the window and details about that film and its effect will appear.


The gorgeous thing about this application is the graphics. This is an example of how the film appears when you click on the film icon on the main menu see the 1st photo in this post. Once in here you can touch the film and swipe upwards and the film will change.. Too cool

Want to know more about your film swipe the middle of the above frame upwards and a description appears see below. Some films come complete with a special border so take notes of the details.


The flashes are too much fun! Looks like a night at Studio 54 and you can choose from flashes with names such as cherry pop shine, laser lemon gel and dream pop. The names are so fab just imagine what they do!

To access flashes swipe the flash icon on the main menu see IMAGE 1 and then swipe left to right and the flash options will change. To activate flash swipe switch in IMAGE 3 between viewfinder and the star favourites menu to the right. Your flash is activated! You want less flash, move it to the left.

Can’t see what photos you are taking in the small square? Double click on the viewfinder square in IMAGE 3 and it enlarge and the viewfinder will enlarge to  take up the whole back of the screen see IMAGE 4. Too fabulous! Especially when you left your glasses at home.


IMAGE 4: After tapping the viewfinder twice the viewfinder enlarges to take up the whole screen and to take a shot you can tap anywhere within the square.. Loving this..

CHANGING LENS: Here’s the tricky thing for photographers when you change lens on Hipstamatic you change effect kind of like you would do changing film in Analogue photography. So newbies beware, touch your lens and your photos won’t be as you wished them.


Like all things in life we always have our favourites and dear Hipstamatic allows us to save our favourite combos. Just click on the cross in the top right hand corner to add a new favourite. You will see in the above screen your favourites settings and their names and some photos you have taken with Hipstamatic.

Too much photo fun to be had in one day!

Hipstamatic forever

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  Ansel Adams

PS: Chic Spy has asked me to be a guest super sleuth on her blog today shimmy on over for the interview 

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13 Responses to Hipstamatic App on Your Iphone – Tutorial

  1. Anya Jensen says:

    I adore Hipstamatic – one of the coolest and first apps I bought. Even prefer the images you can create over Instagram. Happy day sweet Carla,

  2. Jess Flett says:

    I have used it with mixed results. You have inspired me to get back into it. Thank you lovely Carla. Jx

  3. Hi Carla!
    Thanks for reminding me of the this application! I forgot I had it!

  4. Virginia says:

    Oh thank you Dear One,
    I’ve fiddled with it since I got home from Paris to no avail. I”ve bookmarked the post so I can do it step by step with you.

  5. I have bookmarked this post. So helpful. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. Hi,Carla!:-)*

    I’am so happy,I learned Hipstamatic via your advice…
    Totally happy with this app!!!
    Thank you so much:-)*

    Wish you wonderful week,


  7. Josephine says:

    Dear Carla, a thousand and seven thanks for doing this tutorial. I’ve always loved the look of Hipstomatic images and have tried shooting but I’m hit and miss as I never seemed to have the time to work out how it all works. I love Instagram as well but the photographs taken on Hipstomatic always look better. So happy to have your clear instructions to follow. You are always so generous with your advice.xx

  8. Josephine says:

    Notice I can’t even spell it correctly let alone use it! xx

  9. thank you carla for the tutorial. i’ve always loved your Hipstamatic images and wondered what film, etc… you used and they are so beautiful x

  10. I too have always loved your Hipstamatic images and this explains it all. Thankyou. However, can one take a Hipstamatic photo with a normal camera? I guess not although perhaps there is an application to change a photo after uploading. I don’t have an iPhone simply because I don’t – at this stage – need all the great things they offer. Just got a cheap and cheerful portable that does the basics. Doubtless I’ll get seduced …

    Great post, as always, Carla x

  11. Claudia Lane says:

    Great post Carla, thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s fantastic. Cx

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