Family Portrait Inspiration – Bruce Weber

Paris teamed with rain this weekend and I made a pilgrimage I rarely make – to Ikea Roissy! I have been to Ikea 4 times in my life time and I whispered to hubby as we sat in our Swedish chairs and drank coffee from the dispenser at the end of the experience, that I loved it!

Was that a collective Ugghhhhh I just heard? Well, it was so much fun to see so much product in one place and what a novelty. It felt like Ikea knew our every thought. Just when we had exited the checkout exhausted there was the self-service sandwiches and coffee and I fell in love with the ‘livraison’ section, the boys brought our stuff to our door within hours on a Sunday. Lurvvvingg Ikea.. Back to photography!!

Ikea was full of families so I thought I would start our week off with a little family portrait inspiration from the master Bruce Weber.  Bruce Weber has long been one of my photography icons, his images are relaxed, full of fun, outdoors and beautiful gals and boys (mostly naked). Bruce is also a master storyteller. If you look at many of his shoots you will see a wonderful story flowing through them.

This shoot for Love Magazine I thought would be brilliant inspiration for a family portrait session. I adore Granny with the guitar and on the scooter, love the kids kicking up their heels!

Love this simple but beautiful portraits..

Love this one too, I adore the neutral background and the wonderful contrast with the dark dress..

Even this simple pose works.. Might have to do with the stunning clothes, hair and make-up and wonderful models.

All photos copyright Bruce Weber for Love Magazine

And wherever there is Bruce Weber there is always a lot of fun. Why not stack the whole family up on a couch. That will get a laugh or a nose out of joint!

This fabulous fashion shoot has so much wonderful inspiration – look closely at:

1. The clothes.

2. The locations and backdrops

3. The light

4. The energy created in different shots

5. What they are going and how they are interacting

6. The props like guitars, motorbikes and handbags

Wishing you a fabulous week full of wonderful photography and great family moments.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” Princess Diana



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8 Responses to Family Portrait Inspiration – Bruce Weber

  1. Catherine says:

    Have a wonderful week too! I am fighting with Photoshop and hope to win! I love Ikea, even though the bustle is too much sometimes. A little patch of Sweden in northern Italy Xcat

  2. La Contessa says:

    Love it all especially, the quote !

    Closing my little shop!Next chapter??If you can do it so can I!


  3. Off topic, but what is your “next chapter”? x Katie

  4. Parisbreakfast says:

    I’d love to see what you bought at Ikea!

  5. maybe you’d like these paris shots by petra
    some right there in your neigborhood

  6. What did you + hubby buy at Ikea. Adore BW-these shots are amazing.

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