Connect to your Heart and Take Photos with Soul
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Connect to your Heart and Take Photos with Soul

Dear Photographers,

The art of photography shows when you take photos that really excite you, light you up and have you dancing around the room arm in arm with your art is about doing the thing you love.

But many of us don’t have the belief to take the photos that excite us the most because we believe that others won’t want them or we haven’t explored and played enough to have hit our creative gold.

Skills can be learnt but what’s important is your intention and belief in what you do, see and feel.

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One of the tricks to getting into your creative flow and believing in it,  is connecting to your heart and what you truly believe in.

This happened to me. When I started out in photography, I was an empty book. I had no preconceived ideas about what I should or shouldn’t do, I let my heart lead the way. I had the great fortune to finally be living the life I wanted to live and on the other side of the world. I felt free emotionally and physically. But most importantly I was becoming the person I was always meant to be which meant I believed in my decisions, my intuition and what excited me artistically.


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I treated learning and experimenting like a love affair. I didn’t ask everyone what they thought but I would just get a little love rush when I knew it was good and kept looking and searching to have this feeling and deeper connection to my images over and over again.

Looking back something big happened the day I left Australia and started on my journey to become a photographer and that was I was no longer willing to live my life for others instead I started living it for myself. Waking up to the fact that my life was mediocre was painful but when I made the decision of what I was no longer willing to accept and decided to tell the truth no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it was for me and others (there were all those thoughts of who I was disappointing and inconveniencing). It was the first step in truly liberating myself from being the ‘perennial good girl’.

Connect to your Heart and Take Photos with Soul, carla coulson, paris film noir, paris portrait, paris photographer, black and white photography

Carla Coulson, True Beauty, Inner Beauty, Photographer, photography

Connecting to myself in this powerful way opened a window (or should I say more like an automatic opening double garage door) to my creativity. Once I had a camera in my hand I went after life, joy and daily moments like a woman who had just had her first gulp of air after being underwater for a lifetime.

From that day forward I knew what I wanted to take photos, what I wanted to see in my photos and kept searching and trying to I find it.

If you feel like there is something holding you back in your photography, ask yourself what piece of your story has yet to be uncovered?  What in life is holding you back? What images would you take if money, your circumstances and your skills were pushed out of the away?

The more you know you, the stronger you will allow your photos to be.

Sending you love and keep shooting from the heart.



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