Celebrating Love – All Kinds Of Love

Hey you may have guessed today is Saint Valentines Day. And you may know that the old Carla wasn’t so fond of this day having spent almost 10 years on and off in my 20’s/30’s single.

But I do believe in love, in all kinds of love, for all ages and today I would like to celebrate love in all it’s forms.

The love of mother’s and daughter’s (thanks mum for the parcel that arrived today, you’re an angel)! xx

The ‘just met him/her, can’t take my hands of them, smiling to myself all the time’ kind of love.

Puppy love!

‘Best friend’ kind of love, something that starts out when we are small and lasts a whole lifetime (loving you Ath)!

‘Roadtrip love’ that only you can do with your besties who will want to fossick around in every store along the way, eat in the same restaurants and drink the same kind of fruity drinks you love!

Photo by Dominique Isserman

Love him/her as much as ‘the first days I laid eyes on them’ kind of love.. (I still can’t wait for Francesco to come through the door at the end of the day just as exciting as the first day I met him.. Aw gee..)

Kindness, sensitivity and loving an animal kind of love..This image I found on Pinterest it touched me so profoundly. A French hospital allowed a dying woman to spend her last days with her cat. Now that is REAL LOVE, from the hospital for the woman and her cat!

Photo by Elliott Erwitt

For that ‘no matter how long you have know each other love there are times when we just need to hold each other and dance’ kind of love.

And for ‘love that has weathered the years, the storms and I will always be there for you kind of love’. Love has no age.

All images via Pinterest

or race…

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Remember love comes in all forms and it is important to share the love!!

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” Sarah Dessen


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31 Responses to Celebrating Love – All Kinds Of Love

  1. Natasha says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Carla. Thanks for the beautiful post – all the images are wonderful, but the one of the woman in the hospital with her cat made me tear up, as did your comment about Francesco! Love is lovely. xox

  2. Happy Vday to you dear Carla
    I am a huge Elliott Erwitt fan but I like the three roadrtrip colorful ladies best, ha !! :)
    Hope his gorgeousness is super sweet to you today
    tanti baci

  3. tracey mann says:

    I’m feeling it Carla:-)

  4. Jerry Rocteur says:

    Beautiful, thanks Carla!

  5. Claire Lloyd says:

    Oh my God that dying woman with the cat has just finished me off, I’m crying.
    Abeautiful post thank you x

  6. Love you Carla xxCorrina

  7. Anya Adores says:

    I’m with Claire – the woman and the cat had me in tears. How wonderful to be granted a final hello :) Thanks for sharing the love Carla – happy Valentines day sweets,

  8. Millie says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL post, tear jerker. Enjoy the day Carla xxx

  9. La Contessa says:

    Love the photo of the woman with her cat!I have the same colored cat sitting in my lap now making it difficult to type!Love the three ladies of a certain age!I have been given that card!Love the first photo with LOVE spelled out and I have the same banner at Hen House!Love the fact your Mother has sent you a box!I have sent my SONS a box.Love that you can’t wait for the ITALIAN to walk through that door!I conquer with you!!!DITTO FOR ME TOO!
    Do tell how you two spent your eve in the MOST romantic city!I will be cooking for a birthday luncheon I’m giving tomorrow!YIKES, bad planning on my part!But I have already found two cards!The day is young here……………XXX

    • Hi Contessa, you are the best, typing and juggling a cat.. It’s quite an art one that I am still mastering especially when he decides to jump all over the keyboard and make crazy shortcuts… Enjoy your day.. Carla x

  10. The picture of the kitty with the woman in the hospital really touched a nerve-had me crying! Great photos. happy valentine’s day to you dear Carla. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  11. jann says:

    Thank you for this gorgeous celebration of love!!! Very very moving. Happy Valentine’s, Carla!!!

  12. HI Jann,, Thanks for your lovely note.. Enjoy a big fat capuccino for me please.. hope you have a great day Carla x

  13. manon says:

    DE beaux gestes d’amour…

    Happy Valentines


  14. I like the idea that Valentines day needn’t only be celebrated by only lovers. Everyone feels loneliness at some point, and we can all do with a little attention now and then.
    For those who are lucky, everyday is Valentines Day [minus the commercial aspect].

    Happy Valentines Day Carla.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    The lady with her cat is very moving. Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Saint-Valentin aussi. Bisous

  16. Krista says:

    Such beautiful images of love. :-) The one of the old lady and her cat is a treasure. Makes me teary. :-) How wonderful of the hospital to show such love. So glad you have your Francesco now. :-) I have been with my love for 1.5 years now after spending so long single. He is my treasure and, like you, I am so happy when he comes home each day. :-)

  17. love in all it’s many forms is cause to celebrate,each of these touched my heart especially the lady with the cat who reminded me of my own Nana. Most profound for me has been the love for our children. I now understand my own Mother’s words when I was first expecting and life will never be the same again, and I also treasure the love for a son lost now in heaven. OH and of course my hubby…..he says he loves me far more often than I tell him, I love you Sammie xxx

  18. Your words made me cry Lisa..love to you special girl xx

  19. Such a sad, but happy photo of the old lady and her cat spending their last precious hours together.

    Hope you had a great & romantic Valentine’s

  20. Catherine says:

    Such absolutely beautiful and touching photos. Happy Valentines Day, even though this is not my best year for celebrating!

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