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Get Published Workshop – A Day I Will Never Forget

A little booklet for everyone written by moi!

On Saturday in the ever so cool complex of Mike’s Kitchen and stylist Megan Morton’s The School I held my first ever workshop on how to get your photos published in magazines and books.

The calm before the joy

In a large photographic studio (where else?) 28 photographers travelled from all around Australia to join Creative Director of Inside Out Sharon Misko and Deputy Editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly Bryce Corbett and myself to learn how to shortcut the road to getting published.

Sharon and Bryce provided invaluable information as insiders with extensive experience in the magazine industry, we were all so fortunate to hear their advice.

Magazines awaiting to be analyzed

I couldn’t wait to share all the the things I have learnt along the way, the good stuff as well as my mistakes. The do’s and don’t direct from the ‘coal face’.

A little gift for everyone!

And then 30 divine Aussie’s arrived and filled the room, with joy and happiness, curiosity and wonder and love. It was such a joy to meet all these fabulous people who I felt I knew through my blog and Facebook in person.

Sharon Misko talking the photographers through how a magazine story works

Sharon Misko has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Delicious, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and is currently making Inside Out beautiful.

Having a creative director talk through the do’s and don’t on how to present your work to a magazine was fascinating stuff and to hear feedback on the participants work wonderful! What an eye she has!

Some of my published work on the pin boards


And some more

Bryce Corbett

And Bryce Corbett taught us not to be prima donna’s, how to pitch your story and how to take advantage of where you live..

The gorgeous guys and gals who now know how to Get Published with moi!! (photo by Athalee Brown)

I adored sharing the experience that comes with having worked for 12 years in the magazine industry and publishing industry, the life experience that comes with hundreds of published articles and photographing 7 books, those thousands of kilometres on the road and millions of pics.

 Though I started off shaking seeing all your lovely faces in the audience gave me the courage to carry on and not to keel over!

A day I will never forget…

Grazie mille, merci, thank-you, efkaristo poli. Endless hugs

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now”. Sophia Loren


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Coco Chanel’s Apartment Paris – Recently Published Work

What happens when you receive an email from a magazine asking would you be available to shoot Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris?

First you faint with excitement and then hit the reply button as soon as you can with a giant YES!!

That’s exactly what I did when House and Garden asked me to shoot Australian writer Sarah Ayoub in the  famed Rue Cambon apartment.

Sarah has idolised Coco Chanel from her teenage years when she saved every penny she had to buy her first Chanel handbag. It was her life dream to visit Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris and you can read the full story in this month’s issue.

Sarah and I had the great fortune to have a Chanel historian recount the story behind each object and who gave it to Coco. We listened as the historian recounted the revolutionary way she decorated her apartment with simple linen curtains and a giant beige suede couch. At the time the decoration was all florals and heavy velvet or brocade draps. Go Coco!

I loved shooting this last portrait even though it is small on Coco Chanel’s famed staircase. It is a photo that I will always treasure in my portfolio of cool Parisian places and awe inspiring moments on my photographic journey. I pinched myself when I left her apartment that day.

Merci House and Garden, Sarah and Chanel!

“Fashion fades only style remains”. Coco Chanel




PS: Sarah has a popular blog called Chasing Aphrodite

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Photographic Permissions + Recently Published Work

Yesterday I had two gorgeous women contact me, one to ask how much to charge a client for her first job and the other who has just received her first commission from a magazine wanting to know about permissions.

And whilst we were on the subject of publishing I wanted to share a story I recently photographed with super stylist Vicki Archer in House and Garden Australia.

I am going to tackle permissions today for any of you who are interested read on?

Permissions in Paris nearly killed me and my book Paris Tango. I thought I would never get to the end of it because of the incredible amount of paperwork, number of phone calls needed to get permission to enter fashion shows, historic hotels, backstage at the Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris and anything slightly fabulous in Paris.

But without the permission of these places to shoot us photographers are unable to get to all the good stuff.

Whose permission do you need?

If you plan on shooting in a private space, a big hotel, a restaurant or a shop you need their permission in theory to shoot in their space and publish the images. I always ask their permission, arrange a time to go and ask for a contact on the day because I want total freedom once I am in the place and their help to get the photos I need.

I always write to the PR person of each place or if it is small to the owner detailing why I need to photograph in their place explaining where the images will be published. Most people especially small businesses are happy to have you because it means free publicity but famous places (especially in Paris) sometimes see it as a nuisance or a time waster unless you are Architectural Digest or Gourmet Traveller.

All Photos styled by Vicki Archer and Copyright Carla Coulson

To show them you are serious you can do the following:

1. Ask the publication for a letter with your photographic story commission to show it is real!

2. Write to them with your request, explain where the magazine is published and their readership figures. Send a link to your website and attach any other publications where you work has been published.

3. Follow up, don’t be surprised if you don’t receive an email back (especially in Paris) and call if need be. Just be your charming self.

4. When shooting,  if you photograph any of the staff you will need a photo release with their permission to publish the images. Many places will also want to sign a photo release detailing where you can publish the images.

5. When the images are published send them a copy of the magazine or PDF and you will have a good contact for life.

Its worth getting the permission because if you go hoping to take images and you are asked to leave you won’t be able to fulfill your job.

Best of luck girls, I hope this helps.

I always felt that acting was an escape, like having the secret key to every door and permission to enter into any realm and soak it up. I enjoy that free pass. Edward Norton.



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My Puglia In Feast – Recently Published Work

Funny how life’s timing plays out sometimes!

I have landed in Puglia to gorgeous sunny skies and sweltering temperatures and Feast magazine has landed on the newstands with ‘My Puglia’, story about food and daily life I shot in Francesco’s home town of Terlizzi.

I can’t wait to show Nonna who is the star of the story and just recovered from a broken leg.  So many wonderful locals opened their doors and their hearts and allowed me to shoot their lives and it the towns daily rythym, so a heartfelt thanks to all of Terlizzi.

If you are in Australia you will be able to get your hands on a copy of Feast and the full story (there are 10 pages).

Baci e abbracci


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