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Venice and How I Turned a Negative Travel Moment Into A Positive

1 Venice

Dear Travellers,

I love Venice and will come up with absolutely any excuse to go. So this February I had the most wondrous excuse to meet two go-getter women in Venice to make a plan for their beautiful creative businesses.

I was super excited, packed my bags, bought special gifts and dreamt of all the wonderful things I would see and do with them in Venice.

When I arrived at the airport there was just one hitch. No suitcase. Being a paranoid photographer I had everything I needed for our meetings in my backpack but my clothes, gifts and packs of polaroid were lost somewhere between Paris and Venice.

2 Venice

My heart sank, I spent almost an hour at the lost and found luggage desk anxing over whether my bag would ever turn up and what did this mean.

Eventually I got out of the airport and decided to do something I do whenever I feel down, I asked myself ‘what good could come of this’? what could I learn, how could this negative become a positive?

3 Venice

So I started making a list of positives, I no longer had the bag to deal with, which meant I was super mobile with my little backpack, so I decided to gift myself the whole afternoon and walk to San Marco from the train station just like I did on my first trip when I was 21.

It took all of two seconds in Venice, looking down a small alley, glancing in the pastry shop windows which were exactly the way they were 30 years ago.  I no longer cared about my bag, I felt young and free and the most fortunate girl in the world to be in this marvellous place WITHOUT my suitcase. I decided to mess around and take some photos expressing the wonder and marvel I felt the first time I arrived in Venice full of wonder.

4 Venice

I walked, I stalked and only took photos on long exposures for absolutely no reason but the pure joy of being in Venice without a suitcase, free as a bird for an afternoon and the wonder of this magical place before my eyes.

I thanked the folks at Easyjet for sending my bag to Air France with no ticket, less stuff means more freedom.

My bag turned up the night before I left, just in time to give the ladies I was with my little gift and take it back to Paris.


So thanks to a lost bag I had a wonderful experience. A slow meander through Venice letting time tick by without the feeling of rushing, being productive or having a goal.

Here are a couple of tips to turn a negative into a positive.

  1. Keep it in perspective
  2. Do the necessary and then ask yourself what good could come from this?
  3. What could you learn?
  4. Give yourself a period of time and change your state
  5. Throw on your favourite music (use a headset if it might be embarrassing) and feel how your mood changes.

Sending you good travel vibes





PS: If you love travel and would like to up-level your travel photography you may like to join me in Puglia this June 2017. All details here.



Italy Like You have Never Seen It

Italy Like You Have Never Seen It

Italy Like You Have Never Seen It

All photos copyright Carla Coulson

Dear Photography Enthusiasts,

I love Italy from the tip of the Alps to the heel of the boot and everything in between but without a doubt the region of Puglia is a deal breaker.

When I first visited Puglia almost 15 years ago it was pure wonderment for me. Tomato ‘salsa’ laid out on beautiful white stone steps drying in the sun, families gathered around a big table in olive fields lunching together and white stone streets I couldn’t have imagined if I had tried.

Italy Like You Have Never Seen It

Italy Like You Have Never Seen It

I have had the pleasure of visiting Puglia a couple of times a year because my hubby was born there and still has all of its charm, honesty and wonderment beautifully intact.

It’s ‘off the beaten track’ feel is one of the reasons I chose it for the Visionary – Storytelling workshop in June. It’s a place that makes you fall in love and ever so sad to leave, that gives more than it takes and incites you to whip out your camera at every street corner.

Italy Like You Have Never Seen It

All photos copyright Carla Coulson

One place has become available on the June 2017 workshop and if you feel like travelling to a magical part of the world, to take your photos to a whole new level and be part of a fabulous group you can check out all the details HERE or email me at


The Best Flower Delivery On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Dear Friends,

Valentine’s Day and I have had a very strange relationship.

When I was single, it was one of those days I wanted to skip straight across. I dreaded (but hoped) that a delivery might arrive at the office, someone would surprise me who secretly fancied me (dream on) or serendipity would step in and the guy at the local café would pass me a bloom.

Well, none of that ever happened!! And I have learnt there is far more important things to do than wait around for someone to love me. Like loving myself.

Valentine's Day


So gals, if you have an aversion to waiting around on Valentine’s Day and want the power back, deserve to treat yourself because you are fabulous or you have a beautiful daughter, niece or friend who needs a bunch, my ‘Jeune Fille En Fleur’ series has a  15% DISCOUNT for JUST 24 HOURS will be the best Valentine you have ever had or gave

Valentine's Day

With the code: lovethyself on checkout you will receive a 15% discount.

And for Valentine’s Day I have added a new gal titled I Saw You Standing There.

You can start the love HERE NOW.

Sending you a big bunch


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The Best Compliment of 2016

The Best Compliment

Dear Friends,

I had a great year last year.

For so many reasons, I became a life coach, stretched my photography business to places I never believed it could go, travelled, laughed, learnt and most importantly had my beautiful niece work with me for most of the year.

Yes, folks that is what dreams are made of, or at least for me.

For 15 years I have harbored the fantasy that those little munchkins I left behind in the year 2000 and who were the stars of Italian Joy, would one day grow up and want to come to Europe and hang out with Aunty Carla.

Well, I can safely safe folks, dreams do come true. I have had the fortune to have more than one dream come true and having my darling Eliza by my side was possibly the best one.

We travelled, we photographed, we laughed, we cried, we ate ice-cream and did crazy selfies in old fashioned photo booths in Florence, she taught me stuff and I returned the favour. Not only did she come but so did her beautiful sisters, her fab cousins and her mother. What a year!

The Best Compliment

At the end of the year it felt all too good to be true. It was hard to let her go but I know she has great things coming her way.

Just as she was about to go we had a little chat and she gave me the biggest compliment of 2016. She told me ‘I don’t care what people think of me’!

For a minute I was almost offended and then she explained, “no matter who you are with on a shoot, (including some famous folk) you goof around and make a fool of yourself and you don’t decide things based on what other people think you.”

After I got use to this compliment, I felt proud that I had the chance to show someone (without knowing it), its ok to stand up and be who you are, to stand in the power of being truly you, to live your life the way you always wanted to, as my authentic self.

If I gave her just one gift last year, this was my proudest moment.

The Best Compliment

And boy do I know the road well to being that comfortable with myself.

I too would love to pass this onto you too, if you want to make 2017 the best year of YOUR life, un-lock the recipe to your greatness, I have just 3 places left for the coming six months.

If you want to flip your career, stretch what you are doing further than you have ever taken it before, raise your prices and get out of exhaustion or overhaul your current creative business I would love to help you. You can check out the details HERE or get in touch with me her for a chat HERE.

I would love to help you make your dreams a reality.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw


Ps.. If you have a creative business and want to stay in touch you can join my private Facebook group HERE.

Travel Photography Workshop Puglia June 2017 – One Place Available

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Dear Friends,

If you have dreamed about travelling to the heel of the Italian boot whilst improving your photography skills but have never found the right occasion, I have it for you.

One place has become available on my Visionary – Creative Storytelling Workshop in Puglia. Six full days of photography and travel,  June 10 – 17th  2017 based  in Martina Franca and visiting nearby villages to put all the techniques and concepts taught in the workshop into practice.

Travel Photography

Travel Photography

There will be in-classroom lessons and plenty of time outside practicing, learning and photographing the local life.

If you are feeling spontaneous and would love to discover this part of Italy with myself and my super team and a group of like-minded souls click HERE for full details or get in touch with as us