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Connect to your Heart and Take Photos with Soul

Dear Photographers,

The art of taking pictures that really excite you, light you up and have you dancing around the room arm in arm with your art is about doing the thing you love.

But many of us don’t have the belief to take the photos that excite us the most because we believe that others won’t want them or we haven’t explored and played enough to have hit our creative gold.

Skills can be learnt but what’s important is your intention and belief in what you do, see and feel.

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One of the tricks to getting into your creative flow and believing in it,  is connecting to your heart and what you truly believe in.

This happened to me. When I started out in photography, I was an empty book. I had no preconceived ideas about what I should or shouldn’t do, I let my heart lead the way. I had the great fortune to finally be living the life I wanted to live and on the other side of the world. I felt free emotionally and physically. But most importantly I was becoming the person I was always meant to be which meant I believed in my decisions, my intuition and what excited me artistically.


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I treated learning and experimenting like a love affair. I didn’t ask everyone what they thought but I would just get a little love rush when I knew it was good and kept looking and searching to have this feeling and deeper connection to my images over and over again.

Looking back something big happened the day I left Australia and started on my journey to become a photographer and that was I was no longer willing to live my life for others instead I started living it for myself. Waking up to the fact that my life was mediocre was painful but when I made the decision of what I was no longer willing to accept and decided to tell the truth no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it was for me and others (there were all those thoughts of who I was disappointing and inconveniencing). It was the first step in truly liberating myself from being the ‘perennial good girl’.

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Carla Coulson, True Beauty, Inner Beauty, Photographer, photography

Connecting to myself in this powerful way opened a window (or should I say more like an automatic opening double garage door) to my creativity. Once I had a camera in my hand I went after life, joy and daily moments like a woman who had just had her first gulp of air after being underwater for a lifetime.

From that day forward I knew what I wanted to photograph, what I wanted to see in my photos and kept searching and trying to I find it.

If you feel like there is something holding you back in your photography ask yourself what piece of your story has yet to be uncovered?  What in life is holding you back? What images would you take if money, your circumstances and your skills were pushed out of the away?

The more you know you, the stronger you will allow your photos to be.

Sending you love and keep shooting from the heart.



Carla Coulson In Interiors Addict

Dear Creatives,

I feel like I have been in a flurry of self promotion lately and looks like its continuing (whoops)!

I love the folk at Interiors Addict and all the good they do  in the world helping folks make their homes beautiful. There is inspiration for making your nest special is endless.

They recently did an interview with me about my two series, La Vacanza Italiana and Jeune Fille En Fleur and its fabulous (eek).

To celebrate them spreading my print joy  I am giving a 20% discount on all prints with code print love

 The full story  on Interior Addict is HERE  and you can start decorating in my shop HERE

Carla x

Ends Tuesday 12th September 2017

Carla Coulson Interiors Addict


Carla Coulson Interiors Addict Carla Coulson Interiors Addict

READ THE FULL STORY HERE and start decorating your walls HERE


Heidi Middleton in Harpers Bazaar

Carla Coulson Harpers Bazaar

Dear Friends and Photographers,

I know many of you purchased the recent copy of Harpers Bazaar in Australia and have seen this shoot but I wanted to share this beautiful fairytale with those who haven’t.

People often ask me after 17 years of photography do I still love it, do I get excited and inspired. Well folks, the answer is YES, YES, YES!!

I had the chance to photograph Heidi for Gourmet Traveller last year and had an instant girl crush, I adored everything about her, her warm generous spirit, being so very present and her beautiful fashion.

Carla Coulson Harpers Bazaar

So for me doing this Harpers shoot was like the night before Christmas, I knew Heidi would have all the elements that make photographs magic but she certainly exceeded my photographer’s dream.

There were her daughters (arrrrrr) you just wanted to hug them on first sight, the house, the calm, the clothes and of course the magic Heidi. And I had the good fortune to have the world’s best folk working with us, Eliza O’Hare and partner from Harpers, Veronique Marot and Loc Boyle and Kellie Hush and the team that put this magic together!
Carla Coulson Harpers Bazaar

This shoot and the good times and memories will be in the memory bank of shoots for the rest of my times and I can’t express how fortunate I feel to have had the chance to spend a day with people so clear, warm, generous and loving as Heidi, her family and the creative team on the day.

Carla Coulson Harpers Bazaar


Carla Coulson Harpers Bazaar

In case you don’t believe, creative dreams do come true! You can follow Heidi on Instagram HERE

Sending love

Carla x

Ps: There were a lot of ladders involved and holding big cameras and balancing like a trapeze artist at the same time trying not to fall off..

Happy Father’s Day To This Fabulous Dad


Mum and Dad on their engagement day

Dear Folks,

A huge happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the dad’s, grandads, uncles and (cat dad’s) that give so much to their kids every day.

I feel so fortunate still to have my dad at this age and have had the chance as an adult to get to know him and understand him.

A couple a years ago a family crisis of my mum having a stroke became an unlikely chance for dad and I to spend time together as adults than we had previously.

Whilst mum was being her usual ‘can do’ self – moving mountains to in hospital to get well, Dad and I were flatmates. I flew from Paris to be with him and mum and dad and each night for the first time in our lives Dad and I sat down for dinner each night on our own and talked about our lives, books, gardening and how much mum meant to us.

We also talked about how much we meant to each other and how grateful he was that I came from the other side of the world to be with them both.

It meant the world to me!

Wishing you the best Father’s Day ever..

Much love


giant peony bouquet, limited edition prints, artwork, interior, flowers, peony, prints

New Print – Giant Peony Bouquet in Paris

Dear Flower Lovers,

I am super excited to share with your my latest love, this huge bunch of peonies on a sassy gal in the beautiful 6th arrondissement of Paris.

The latest edition to my Jeune Fille En Fleur (young girl in bloom) limited series and her name is I Believe In Me.

This one is young and hip and ever so stylish with a little rock n roll attitude to boot.

To celebrate another young girl believing in herself we have FREE SHIPPING SHOPWIDE till 29th AUGUST 2017 using the code at check out FREESHIPPING.

You can make her yours here or have a look at her beautiful friends by visiting my print shop HERE. 

Sending flower love

Carla x

PS: For the Australians she’s is available exclusively in Australia at FORMAN PICTURE FRAMING