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I believe in me

New Print – Giant Peony Bouquet in Paris

Dear Flower Lovers,

I am super excited to share with your my latest love, this huge bunch of peonies on a sassy gal in the beautiful 6th arrondissement of Paris.

The latest edition to my Jeune Fille En Fleur (young girl in bloom) limited series and her name is I Believe In Me.

This one is young and hip and ever so stylish with a little rock n roll attitude to boot.

To celebrate another young girl believing in herself we have FREE SHIPPING SHOPWIDE till 29th AUGUST 2017

You can make her yours here or have a look at her beautiful friends by visiting my print shop HERE. 

Sending flower love

Carla x

PS: For the Australians she’s is available exclusively in Australia at FORMAN PICTURE FRAMING

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Carla Coulson – Marie Claire Photography Interview

Marie Claire

Dear Friends,

For anyone who knows my story I got my first break in Marie Claire and I am so thrilled to have a little interview and feature on my photographer with them.

If you want to read a little behind my shooting and visual philosophy click HERE.

Sending big love to the folks at Marie Claire for their ongoing generosity..


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Panning People In Street Photography

Panning People, Black and White Photography, Paris, Paris Cafe, Fashion

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson


Dear Friends,

One of my intentions as a photographer when I take pictures is to take pictures that have a feeling in them and we are lucky with photography to have many different tricks to be able to do this,  even when there appears like not a lot is happening.

One of the techniques I have always loved is panning. My first book Italian Joy had a photo of a couple on a scooter ‘panned’ and I have since incorporated it into photographing people.


Panning People


You need a lot of patience when panning people as the technique is even more difficult with people as they are moving slowly. You ‘pan’, move your camera from left to right or vice versa at the same speed as your subject in a fluid movement and then click when you like the frame.

Panning creates the feeling of motion even if your subject is moving slowly.


Panning People


Here’s what I do:

  1. Set my shutter speed at about 1/20 sec depending on how quickly the people are walking – the faster they are walking the faster your shutter speed needs to be
  2. I wait for a subject that is parallel to me on a straight line in front of me
  3. I set the focus on manual and focus on a point between them and me knowing they will pass that line
  4. I remain still but allow my camera to follow them and when I see the composition I like I press the shutter but I don’t stop there
  5. I continue to move the camera with them in a fluid movement to complete the ‘pan’
  6. The part of your photo that you have focused on is in focus but the rest is fluid and blurry,


Panning People, Carla Coulson, Martina Franca


Trouble shooting:

  1. Don’t despair if your photos are ALL blurry the first couple of times you do it. Often it is because you AREN’T moving at the same speed as they are.
  2. Check your focus and make sure if you are using autofocus to set it to single shot not continuous and keep your finger on the shutter with the correct focal point till your subject appears in the right spot.


Have fun..

For instant feeling just pan, stir, shake and rinse and repeat!!!!



Evolve Retreet SO

Lemnos Creative Immersion Retreat – SOLD OUT!

Dear Folks,

Thanks to the gorgeous folk who will be joining writer Paula Hagiefremidis, Stylist Shannon Fricke and myself on Lemnos in September. This restorative retreat is sold out.

If you would like to get on the waitlist for one of Paula’s other retreats get in touch with her here

Sending love and can’t wait to meet the group in Greece.




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Would You Let Your Child Have A Career As A Photographer?

2017-07-18_0005Dear Friends,

I love this subject and probably not being a mum I have never had to worry about my child becoming a creative or a photographer but it is something I think about often.

I remember when I announced to the world (well my little world) almost 16 years ago after doing a photography course in Italy that I was going to become a photographer.

I had all sorts of reactions. A dear friend who was a radio announcer made a couple of wise cracks about the sun setting over the water and clichéd photos and with a wave of a hand sort of dismissed the idea (in his mind). In mine, I had that beautiful naivety of not knowing anything about what I was doing and thought I would show him better.

Others told me that I had had my fun and now it was time to get a real job. I am sure it was out of care and visions of poverty in my old age but I was so ‘all in’ there was no way I was taking his advice either.



But when I told my mother she looked at me with belief and trust and said ‘that sounds lovely dear’. She didn’t ask me for a business plan, she didn’t come up with all the excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it and go live on the other side of the world.

My mum did the most fabulous thing a mum can do for a creative which is to believe I could do it. She had seen me struggle for years in a business I didn’t love, she had seen me single and lonely with one too many heartbreaks to even suggest for a minute a safe alternative in a city office. She had seen me try to cuddle up to my Gucci and Pucci without it working!!!



I am sure it hurt I was spending a ton of time on the other side of the world but she put what I wanted before what she wanted and what a gift she gave me.

My mum and dad came to stay with me in Florence and walked around the piazzas and hear my endless enthusiasm for this place I loved so dearly. They ate, drank and lived like Italians. They got to see their daughter bursting with happiness when her first article was published in Marie Claire and they almost popped with pride at the same time.

They took my favourite boat ride with me to Da Adolfo on the Amalfi Coast and fell in love with the concept of a beachbed and a restaurant at the the back of the beach. They felt special and lived a beautiful moment and saw the coast I love so much when Sergio the owner let us tag along on a boat ride to Amalfi.


Career Photographer, Photography, Carla Coulson, Photographers Life, Chasing a Dream, Creative Career


They have devotedly dashed up to the newsagent every time a magazine has come out with my pics and bought numerous copies of my books for everyone and anyone who needed a present.

My mum and her team of ninja grannies became my biggest fans, moving books around the shelves in Sydney bookstores so they were always up the front and couldn’t help telling anyone that wanted to listen that it was her daughter’s and it would be a REALLY good thing if you bought it.

Although we have shared many years apart we have also shared this amazing journey together. They knew the backstory, they have seen it from the start, brick by brick building this thing, every brick I built was their brick and they have helped me and shared in the joy and reward that I have shared. They welcomed my Italian boyfriend (now husband) into their lives with open arms and without jealousy or fear.


Career Photographer, Photography, Carla Coulson, Photographers Life, Chasing a Dream, Creative Career


When ‘we’ started this journey who would have ever known how it was going to pan out. Maybe they could see the fire in my eyes or in my belly, maybe they decided to trust that I was finally on my path and this time I would hit ‘emotional’ and creative gold.

If you are reading this and you are a mum and your child wants to go on a journey of their own that maybe doesn’t fit with your vision for their life, stay open to the magic that you could share together, the love, the support and the joy that you too could bring to your beloved child’s life and the magic that you will help them find in themselves and in the world.

Love you Mum and Dad,  thanks for the belief and trust.