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The Mediterranean and Me

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Dear Friends

I am so thrilled to be featured on Mediterrerranean Wanderer in her new series titled “Mediterranean and Me”. Here is a little sneak peak of my interview with Paula but I encourage you to head over to her website to read the full story.

Carla Coulson is a woman that’s been on my radar for well over 15 years. When I first glanced at her very first published book: Italian Joy, I immediately fell in love and have been following her journey ever since. Her evocative photographic aesthetic, passion for life and uninhibited honesty in sharing her life story completely captured my heart. It’s rare to chance upon women like Carla. Her genuine care, willingness to share all that she’s been through and any tips that can help inspiring creatives along the way, is undoubtedly a significant contributor to her overwhelming success as a mentor and photographer. The opportunity to meet her and be coached by her, has been one of the most humbling, heartfelt and privileged experiences of my life. It’s an absolute pleasure to have her feature in my series The Mediterranean & Me. Here’s Carla’s story…

What did you first fall in love with when you visited the Mediterranean?

I think it was the water! I always loved ocean pools in Australia and adored that the Mediterranean felt like one giant ocean pool. You could float in it, swim in it and I was never worried about sharks. But it was more than that, I adored the lifestyle around the Mediterranean, the sense of hospitality of the people, the pace of life, the architecture and the food. I guess it was the whole package!

Click HERE to head over to Mediterranean Wanderer.


Paris Film Noir Shoot – Ibiza Girl


Dear Friends,

You know it’s your lucky day when a gal like this beauty walks in the door.

The beautiful Linda Karlsson and I share a common love for Puglia, the lifestyle, the architecture, the people and the scrumptious beautiful food. And not to mention that she lives in paradise, on the beautiful Ibiza.

Gosh, there is so much to talk about we almost forgot to shoot! Like her heavenly villa on Ibiza that she rents out as a  sanctuary so folks can escape to enjoy island life for a while in the prettiest setting, she has created. The sanctuary also hosts regular yoga retreats so if you love yoga you might like to check out the schedule and get super excited about booking a ticket to Ibiza.

She was a dreamboat to photograph, all I had to do was frame and shoot!











Hugest thanks to the wonderful Linda for sharing her beauty with us and the generosity for allowing me to share this shoot.

You can check out her Ibiza sanctuary HERE. 


PS: If you are in Paris in July and feel like starring in your own Paris Film Noir shoot you can check them out HERE,  you can get in touch with me at to book.



I know this will change someone’s life. Will it be yours?


Photo Credit: Puglia 2014 backstage shenanigans.

Images thanks to Amanda Swaney, Mandy Robb, Susan Papazian, John Callisto, Stephanie Bryen, Cassandra Gaisford, Jilly Bennett

Dear Lovers of Life,

Hugest thanks to be beautiful people in these photos who joined me for Caravan Photography Workshop in 2014 and became part of my life forever.

I have a hunch that someone out there would love to join us on the Puglia photography workshop in June 2017 but they are putting it off for one of the following reasons.

– I will do it someday
– I need to pay for the kid’s school, clothes, education etc
– It feels extravagant to gift myself a week away to work on something I love
– I ‘m not that good at photography (that’s the point)
– It’s way out of my comfort zone
– I should pay the mortgage, rent and save for the future

 -I’m too busy at work
– Fill in your excuse….


How do I know this? Because so many of the people at the workshops have told me these very words but in the end their intuition over-road the excuses and they had a week of learning that helped change their photography forever.

It’s not just about the photography, it’s about you, about pushing open the door and letting some of the light in. Letting the light into who you are, allowing yourself to become good at something, master something that you might be interested in but never dared to truly scratch the surface.

When you let the light in, even it’s just a crack in the beginning, it shines a torch down a tunnel and you can see and you are off learning about life, photography and you.




Photo Credit: Puglia 2014 backstage shenanigans.

Images thanks to Amanda Swaney, Mandy Robb, Susan Papazian, John Callisto, Stephanie Bryen, Cassandra Gaisford, Jilly Bennett,

How do I know this? Because it happened to me. I dared to kick open the door, I took a risk and learnt photography on the other side of the world and being on the other side of the world (Italy) profoundly changed me, it showed me a new way of looking at the world and getting to understand me and what I wanted to become.

In June 2014 with the people in the above photographs we became friends forever. The experience of spending 6 days in Puglia, eating, learning and sharing was something that will stay with me (and them) for a lifetime.

If you feel like kicking open the door to something bigger and better not just in photography but in life, friendship and learning please get in touch with me at prior to the 17th May 2017 when this chance disappears forever. All details HERE.

Just saying.

Carla xx

PS: All the photos are private backstage photos from the gorgeous Caravan gang! You can see some of their work HERE.

My Parents Gave Me This Amazing Gift

Valentine's Day, flower delivery, flowers paris, peonies paris, peonies, pink peonies, delphiniums, jejune fille en fleur, young girl in bloom

Dear Flower Lovers,
I grew up in a family of flower lovers.
As long as I can remember my mum and dad had a flower garden, it brought so much beauty and solace into our lives. When I look back and see how many hours my dad passed in the garden I feel like they were hours of meditation, calm and resetting from a job he didn’t really love. Flowers were his saviour!
It’s only when you grow up you realise that this stuff is imprinted in your DNA and that without realising it your parents have given you an education and love of flower names and seasons, of different types of gardens like the generous and eclectic English garden yet somehow they managed to instill a love for the pared down and simplicity of a French Garden.
You don’t even realise you know any of this stuff till one day your hubby asks you ‘what flower is that’ and you can rattle it off, or he stops to smell yet another flower such as a Gardenia and pronounces it yet again to be Jasmine (the only flower he seems to know) and you know before you have even seen it, just from the perfume, that it’s a Gardenia.
lilac paris, jeune fille en fleur, florist, paris florist, carla coulson, fine art flower print,
Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, flower delivery, flowers paris, peonies paris, peonies, pink peonies, delphiniums, jejune fille en fleur, young girl in bloom, lisianthus
Over the years as I have moved from one place to the next, the thing that has always allowed me to call a place home has been the flowers on the table. They have been the thing that makes my house a home and keeps me grounded and feeling safe.
When I started shooting this series titled Jeune Fille En Fleur I thought of my parents and how much joy they would get from these photos and it’s thanks to them that flowers are an essential part of my life.
So this is an early Mother’s (and Father’s Day) homage to my folks, the flower people!  If you love flowers as much as I do and want them in your life every day, the folks at FORMAN PICTURE FRAMING in Melbourne are still framing these beauties right up till Mother’s day.
You can check them out HERE 
Or if you somewhere else on the planet, I ship Internationally from my shop HERE
Hugs and flowers to you all
Carla x

Dolce Vita Podcast Through The Lens Of Carla Coulson

CC by LB in Posi_1524

Photo by Loc Boyle dress by JKL Design

Dear Folks,

After writing about changing my life for years I have to admit I am super excited to talk about it!

Petra Jungmanova of Life Rocks kindly interviewed me for her podcast on life as a creative and well, we didn’t hold back.

The lovely Petra is a creative that has had her own wonderful journey to writing a book and finding her voice and belief in what she does.

In this podcast we talk all things creative, on life and business.

We get up close and personal on the following subjects.

We discuss:

  • Moving to Florence
  • Moving to Paris
  • What Photography did for me
  • The power of Surrender!
  • Making a decision that will change your life
  • How I arrived where I felt there was nothing to lose and only things to gain.
  • Intuition
  • Wealth consciousness
  • Things you don’t learn in photography or creative schools and college
  • My path to my new life
  • How I Got Published
  • Health and a whole lot more..
  • You can listen to it HERE...

I hope you enjoy our chat and insights and don’t forget checkout out Petra’s site and her new book Life Rocks   HERE

Many thanks