Around The World In 24 Hours

Image Copyright Millie Brown 

I loved giving over my blog to some gorgeous bloggers around the world for my series on 24 Hours in… and I would like to share a collective hug to all of them for introducing us to places special in their hearts and sharing with us the things that give them pleasure in their chosen city/village. So chuffed you all were happy to participate and share your lives

So for those of you who may have missed any of my lovely blog friends and their posts here is a round up of the last couple of months so travel vicariously at your leisure! This popular series may return later in the year until then lets travel the world through the eyes and hearts of these special women…..Take it away Gals!

Photographer Millie Brown from the blog Travel Notecards took us on a trip to The French Riviera’s Golden Triangle and delighted us with her colourful pics and tantalised us with a taste of Mediteranean heaven. See more of Millie’s beautiful work at 


Image Copyright Millie Brown

It was a pleasure to have travel photographer Sivan Askayo give us her 24 hour tips on the exciting city of  New YorkSivan’s blog with the bi line ‘because travel is a state of mind’ documents her stunning  photography from her worldly travels, she is certainly living her dream! Make sure you drop by her website and view more of her amazing pics..

Image Copyright Sivan Askayo

24 Hours in Menton on the French Riveria with the ever so lovely and talented blogger Jilly Bennett was a popular post! Jilly has a swag of blogs to her credit and constantly amazes me with her creativity and ability to juggle them all to perfection…. when I seem to be swamped with one!! I need some serious tips JB. From Flamenco to African food Menton seems a buzz with culture.

Image Copyright Jilly Bennett 

From the French Riveria to the charming Italian village of Ragusa Ibla in Sicily where Jann Huizenga enthralls us with her writing and photographs of her life in this small Sicilian village that cast it’s spell on her  in 2007 and which she now calls home for several months of the year. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? Another destination to add to the ever growing list!

Image Copyright of Jann Huizenga

Asian delights in Saigon with Jeanne Henriques from the continually evolving blog Collage of Life Jeanne is living an expat life and has only recently moved to Vietnam! Choosing the bustling city of Saigon to indulge our senses for 24 hours in one of Asia’s most beautiful countries.  Jeanne also created a travel tips post of this fascinating city so if you are planning a trip you may need to take a peek!

Created by Irene Hoff

Natasha Calhoun loves to take photographs and if you visit her exquisite blog Beautifully Suddenly you will see she is extremely good at it! Natasha took us to Brugge in Belgium for her 24 hour tour having recently returned from a European holiday this was her pick to share with us all…….we are so glad she did.

Image Copyright Natasha Calhoun

The final in our series was the  ‘cycling city’ of Europe, 24 hours in Copenhagen home to another longtime blogging friend Anya and her popular blog Anya Adores. Having never been to Copenhagen it was so great to get Anya’s local tips and addresses for shopping, eats, flea markets and all the cool local things to do so you can dive straight in when you arrive!

Image Copyright Anya Adores

I hope you have enjoyed this series and discovered  new blogs to follow, it was such a pleasure to have seven talented and inspiring women feature on my blog and travel with them around the world and I thank them all for their time putting together and sharing their  posts with us all!

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” 
― Mary Anne Radmacher

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20 Responses to Around The World In 24 Hours

  1. I loved this series Carla! Travelling the world with you all has been a delight! Thank you for asking me!
    Jeanne xx

  2. jann says:

    Ciao Carla! I loved being a part of your classy blog and seeing the world through the eyes of the blogger-photographers you featured in “24 Hours”. Grazie mille. Jann

  3. Catherine says:

    I have just been swinging around to some of your blogging pals. Wow! What a rich voyage, thanks for this. I look forward to some more quick trips. Xcat

  4. Millie says:

    Thank you Carla for having me, so proud to be on your gorgeous Carla Loves Photography and with such great company. I loved reading and taking travel notes from them all. Thank you so much xx

  5. Dash says:

    Oh Carla, wonderful links, wonderful blogs, its fantastic to be able to sit in my chair and travel the world like this, viewing amazing places through the eyes of others.

  6. Loved this series – it’s always wonderful to travel vicariously when I can’t be doing the real thing! And thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it. xox

  7. Katie says:

    Such a lovely group of very talented ladies. Thank you, Carla, for getting them together to share their adventures with us. I’m off on another Parisian adventure tomorrow!

  8. Virginia says:

    Oh this is so good, I”m going to get a cup of coffee and take the time to enjoy every photo and visit every blog, although I know some of these talented people already!

  9. Tonya says:

    The “bucket list” just keeps on growing thanks to your inspiring blog and guest bloggers. Fabulous photographs and stories!

  10. Hi,

    I love your Blog… It is fresh and inspiring….

    x xx

  11. I follow some of these but always great to see others.Thank you

  12. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing Carla, off to Bruges shortly and doubly inspired now!!

  13. Sivan says:

    This is definitely a post I should bookmark. So many places to visit and so many inspiring bloggers to follow. You are fortunate to know all these women.

  14. Anya Jensen says:

    Dearest Carla – thanks so much for having me here amongst such talented people :) I loved taking part and getting to know some lovely cities and lovely people. Happy day to you all,

  15. Carla, I’m so sorry but I missed this post. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words. So great to be in the company of so many talented blogger/photographers in this series you ran.

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