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paris in four months

Photo Copyright Karin Olsson

Big news in Paris – on Sunday the weather gods are promising sun and 23 degrees. It’s enough to bring an Aussie living in Paris to tears and make every Parisian rush to the local fromagerie, boulangerie and cave to stock up for a picnic and head to their favourite park.

As Cole Porter sang ‘I love Paris in the Springtime’ and so do the Parisians and Carrrrlllllaaaaaa..

In Springtime we feel like hugging Paris to our chest and thanking her for allowing us to survive the winter and rejoice in what’s ahead.

For all of you who want to enjoy this moment with us,  here is a little vicarious French living.

Paris in four months 2

Photo Copyright Karin Olsson


Karin Olsson, star photographer and author of Paris in Four months takes beautiful photos and tours us around her Paris. She features a wonderful story on creme puff heaven, the current mono-dessert pate au choux.. Bon Appetit.

haven in paris

Photo Copyright Haven in Paris


This is a question everyone wants to know when they come to Paris. The  talented Erica Berman has put together a wonderful collection of beautiful apartments in Paris. I live in the Marais and lurve the Marais and love this little jewel not far from my place.. For more gorgeous apartments click here.

vicki archer french essence Photo Copyright Vicki Archer


My darling friend Vicki Archer does French better than anyone I know and her latest project Le Petit Bijou, a little Provencal townhouse in St Remy de Provence is almost ready.   Vicki shares her project with us and shopping for antiques in her local area. I can’t wait to see the final product, I know it will be gorgeous. Cruise on over to French Essence to see this little project in the making.


lost in cheeseland

Photo Copyright Lindsey Tramuta


Lindsey at Lost in Cheeseland shares her weekend in the Loire Valley. Castles, fresh food markets, delicious wines and beautiful architecture.. Hop on over to Lost in Cheeseland to visit the Loire.

paris breakfasts

Photo Copyright Carol Gillott


Carol at Paris Breakfasts is such a card. I love her great sense of humour and she is tackling a subject that is dear to any Anglo who loves eating a bag of chips on the streets – French Girls Don’t Eat On The Street. I loved this.. how many times I have dared not eat a hot croissant on the way home from the bakery because of the disapproving looks I will get. Forget ever eating on the metro and even a Starbies take-away coffee could inspire a couple of air puffs.. 


Photos Copyright Antonin Borgeaud


Small share plates and funky restaurants that serve them are on the rise in Paris and the gorgeous gang at Hip Paris feature the cool  La Buvette. A wonderful local bar with mosaic floors, marble counters and delish natural wines and small plates. Stampede on over to Hip Paris to check this cool little place

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of light and love and all things French.

“France is the only place where you can make love in the afternoon without people hammering on your door.”  Barbara Cartland



PS: if you know anyone visiting or in love with France please feel free to share.. xx

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16 Responses to All Things French

  1. Hi Carla :) Thank you for featuring my little post and photos about Odette!

    xx Carin

  2. Lindsey says:

    Thank you Carla!! I hope your readers enjoy the journey through the Loire! xx

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    I would love to be in Paris in spring…it is glorious. The tulips in the gardens alone are worth the trip.

  4. Pamela says:

    you know what i’ve been doing all morning?? breaking out the spring clohtes! i am so tired of my winter blog header..sunday you can bet i’ll be taking plenty of pics out and around paris for a new one!! bon weekend carla!! xo

  5. Liz Thomas says:

    I am determined that some day I will visit this beautiful city! Your photos make it so enticing!

  6. Catherine says:

    Well I agree with not eating in the streets and disapproving looks. I also (used to!) go for clubbing all night, catching the first metro home, falling into bed with café au lait et pain au chocolat, sleeping till three in the afternoon…

  7. P.S. I spell my name with a C ;)

    xx Carin

  8. Vicki Archer says:

    Thank you for including me in this round up of gorgeous French-ness… Fingers crossed for sunshine this weekend… I will be at the farm Sunday afternoon… let’s chat… xxxv

  9. Virginia says:

    Meeps is in my lap and purring over this great post. I feel like I know all of these talented ladies and visit them often!

    Bon weekend dear C,

  10. La Contessa says:


  11. Bonjour Carla. What a lovely post! This puts me in the mood for my upcoming trip home… Only a few months left… Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend. My parents are visiting from Paris right now, and it’s a bit chilly here too… They will be sorry to miss it :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  12. Parisbreakfast says:

    Ah you’ve brought out the sun today and its the WEEKEND!
    Merci Carolg

  13. [...] dresses and wine at cafés during the late evening… •   Check out Carla’s post on all things French, just in time for spring. Thanks for the little mention Carla! •   I almost fell off my chair [...]

  14. Sivan says:

    Love the quote!
    Will add this post to my bookmark about Paris

  15. Susan says:

    Hi Carla, I do not get to comment nearly enough, if I don’t make it to your blog I know I can always get some teasers through facebook. I had to come and check out the latest. We loved Marais when we were there, we were just around the corner from the very best Jewish bakeries and a stones throw from wonderful little hole in the wall boutiques. I am making many notes in anticipation of returning soon. Thank you for sharing as always :-)

  16. How sublime – I could do with a dose of Paris Spring right now! Enjoy the warmer weather F xx

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