24 Hours in Saigon with Jeanne Henriques

I met the lovely Jeanne Henriques in Paris last year and adore her blog Collage of Life.. She has recently moved to Vietnam and I find her photos and life mesmerizing.. Jeanne is my guest blogger today and kindly tells us what to do if you arrive in Saigon and only have 24 hours. Over to Jeanne…..



You are on a plane to a region of the world

you have never visited before.

Vietnam…Southeast Asia

The plane begins it’s decent.

You glance out the window..

your heart skips a beat.

Your adventure is about to begin.

Created by Irene Hoff

You have 24 hours in Saigon to rest up

before meeting your tour group.

You wisely did your due diligence before arriving.

You have your list.

You wonder if you can do it all.





Jeanne prepped you with a list of her suggestions.

Her strongest recommendation, for 24 hours

in Saigon..wander slowly and with care.

Absorb the sights and sounds.

Feel the beat of the city and then…

point your camera and shoot.

When the day is done, when you look back

at your photographs,

that will be the time you are most thankful

for having had 24 hours in Saigon.

With thanks to the lovely Carla 

for asking me to create a guest post…

of 200 words and eight photos.

I didn’t think it could be done.

I am so glad she set me to the task.

I fell in love with Saigon all over again.



For the ultimate list on Books, Food, Sights and Places to Visit in Saigon see my list here.

Photos taken by Jeanne Henriques in Saigon,

where she lives lives and writes about life.

Collage of Life

Expat Diary: Vietnam

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37 Responses to 24 Hours in Saigon with Jeanne Henriques

  1. Oh hooray! Jeanne is one of my favorite people on the blogosphere, someone who I consider a wonderful friend although we have never met–how fantastic that you have! And so of course I was especially delighted to see her guest post here, even though I have been diligently following along on her travels throughout Vietnam…and yes, her adventurous spirit doesn’t seem to ever let her down. Not to forget that she has a fantastic eye. :)

  2. Two of my favourite travelling ladies, Carla and Heather…thank you for the kind words! Carla..I am sincerely delighted that you asked me to join in the fun. This post kickstarted so many things in my life, you have no idea. My readers will be shocked that I managed 200 words but it was actually quite refreshing to do. With thanks and until another night… when we can meet in Paris..or possibly Saigon.. my very best wishes…
    Jeanne xx

  3. Jeannecis a special person Heather so gald you know her from bloglandia! and yes she does have a great eye loved this guest post! Carla x

  4. WIth thanks to you both.. Carla and Heather! Carla…so happy to have created this post for you..it was a wonderful exercise. I now have a favourites list that would have ordinarily took me months to create. Thank you kindly for asking me, I am truly delighted to be here. :) xx

  5. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning, CARLA! How wonderful to see your visit late last night!

    I have been to Asia and loved it. Saigon unfortunately, was not on our itinerary (I was on a dance/theatre tour!) but Asia is stunning and colorful on so many levels. These fabulous colors bring me so many good memories and show us a part of the world that has not yet become WESTERNIZED…at least for now.

    Hugs to you! Anita

  6. Kimberly says:

    I have loved following Jeanne on her adventures- and this one has helped to add Asia to my travel list. I am however excited to follow her on her next adventure when she returns “home”… :)

  7. how beautiful, thanks Carla + Jeanne.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    • Thank you Peggy…and I just want to say that I adore the 8 Panel Antique Chinese Carved Wooden Screen in your shop…loving the musard colour wall shot as well…or as I call it in Saigon..the colour of a very ripe mango. If I lived in California..I would be in and out of your shop…frequently! :)

    • Carla says:

      great to add a little Asian sunshine to our life thanks Peggy great you enjoyed the tour xx

  8. What a lovely post Carla and Jeanne! this blogger would love to jump on a plane and be whisked around Vietnam in Jeanne’s charming company. Your photos are wonderful Jeanne, so glad you included château mango in ‘the sights’! :)

  9. Carole says:

    Carla and Jeanne, Thank you for you wonderful blogs, beautiful photos, and for all the amazing images. Carole xo

  10. La Contessa says:

    Jeanne I have been following you too but have not been able to leave a comment on your site!Im certain it’s me not you but when the offering doesn’t let you comment by name I cannot for some reason!Even though I have a google account so be it lovely post and I love how small this world is getting with all the Blogs!I also follow Heather!Hope to meet the French blog Gals this coming year………..need something to look forward too!You too are very good with La Camera!!
    Contessa in California

    • Contessa…I am puzzled and perplexed. I opened my pathways so that anyone could comment and will go have a look to see if that still is the case. In the meantime, I just love your Hen House..my kind of place. :)

  11. Lovely to meet you Jeanne and to see your beautiful shots of Saigon. Everyone I know who has visited talks of the beauty of Vietnam. I specially adore that last photo. So pleased to know about your great blog too. love Jilly x

  12. Pamela says:

    bonjour carla! i too am a fan of jeanne and her “collage of life”. ..you and i have emailed not too long ago about a session. before my time here in paris is up…i will have a photography session with you! your work is beautiful.

  13. Hello Carla

    I love this post and Jeanne is also high on my favourite list of blog friends. I love her enthusiasm and Tourism Vietnam should thank her.
    I love the thought of Vicki, you Carla and Jeanne hanging out in Paris for an evening.
    Now I am off to hit your follow button

    Thank you


  14. Millie says:

    Beautiful pics & words Jeanne! But more than the words & images, what I love most about your Vietnam adventure is the way in which you embraced the move from the very start. Your open mind & positive outlook have kept us all enthralled.
    Millie xx

  15. Pamela RG says:

    Wonderful photos of Saigon. I’m inspired to visit Saigon now. I enjoy reading Jeanne’s blog because it is so soulful and inspiring. I learn many things about Vietnam from her. Thank you for this great collaboration Carla.

  16. What a lovely post by a most inspiring woman. I am so glad she introduced me to your blog!

  17. Shane says:

    A wonderful guest post from Jeanne – a great idea Carla – thank you!
    I’m a reader of both your blogs and occasional commenter.

    On my annual trips to France to see my daughter and family I usually fly straight through with merely a ‘touch down’. It’s always an Asian airport as I’m coming from New Zealand.
    However this post has made me re-think my next trip to include a ‘stop-over’ and get a 24 hour taste of what that particular city has to offer.
    My first option would now be Vietnam as I’m enchanted by your wonderful posts Jeanne which have brought the personal side of Saigon alive!

    From reading this post Carla I’ve already popped over to see Pam of ‘Views from my Kitchen Sink’, who has taken me to a most wonderful bookshop in London called “Persephones”!!!
    Hence an hour has passed – it’s so easy to while away a morning in this way when blogging!!

    Shane ♥

    • Shane…Kia Ora… I am tickled pink, as my Dad used to say, that I have enticed you in some way to visit Vietnam. I adore ‘Persephones’ and am so glad you found it…check out ‘London Book Review’ while you are at it. They are both a wonderful insight into the English literary world. Pam…another expat who is making the most of her time in Paris. I like your morning schedule, works for me! :) xx

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