24 Hours In Menton With Jilly Bennett

I hope you are all rugged up and warm.

For those of you like me who are shivering in Paris, guest blogger Jilly Bennett will transport you to her lovely seaside town on the Cote D’azur. Over to Jilly……

Carla, wonderful, talented Carla, my inspiration since I read Italian Joy. How I adore that beautiful book. And now you invite me as a guest blogger. Thank you so much!

So let me show you, Carla’s readers, where I live.

Menton is a sunlit town at the Italian end of the French Riviera and just down the road from the Principality of Monaco. I’m a Brit who has lived in a medieval hill village above Menton for 21 years and blogging for nearly six years at Menton Daily Photo and Monte Carlo Daily Photo. Menton has so many joys: the sea, the mountains, the villages, Italy down the road and Monte Carlo for a sophisticated night out – the perfumes, the colours, the ambiance, the markets, the food, the festivals, the streets lined with orange trees, the kindness of the locals and easy way of life in the south.

In Menton, which was part of Italy until 1860, you are as likely to hear Italian spoken as French, so the coffee is great! It’s definitely my kinda town and perhaps it would be yours too.

If you come to Menton, you could

Explore its tiny streets

Buy artisan bread from ‘The Baker’s Kiss’ in the market

Dance the tango in Place du Cap.

Visit the gardens of the Clos du Peyronnet

Follow a religious procession

Eat an African meal.

Watch flamenco in a medieval village.

Notice how people always have time for the old folk

And finally, why not enjoy the sun setting in Monte Carlo

Followed by a glamorous night out in Monte Carlo

But please make sure you take the time to drink a glass of wine and kiss the one you love!

All Photo’s Copyright Jilly Bennett

Thank-you Carla….Jilly x

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39 Responses to 24 Hours In Menton With Jilly Bennett

  1. Millie says:

    JIlly, what a gorgeous and lively post, I loved all your images and they make me want to be there NOW! It sure is a beautiful and interesting part of the world, you’ve captured the heart and soul of it. Congrats xx

  2. Sivan says:

    Wow. Looks amazing. Really makes me want to pack my camera and go

  3. Cathy says:

    Jilly, what a gorgeous post. I love all your photos that bring Menton to life. Sitting here in grey England, it is wonderful to be transported to France. Thank you.

  4. Carla, thankyou SO much! As you know, you have long been my inspiration. I adore your photography, your beautiful books and how you write about your life, so you can imagine how I’m dancing up and down now so thrilled to see this post. A big hug of thanks to you, dear Carla x

  5. Carolyn says:

    Jilly, what a visual treat that was. Will have to put Menton on my bucket list! C x

  6. Katina Janakis says:

    Jilly, sooo beautiful, and thank you for sharing with us a little part of your life! You have really captured the beauty of Menton in your images and hopefully is a part of the world I visit in person one day :-) xox

  7. Jilly, this is such a wonderful snapshot of Menton and surrounds- I could almost smell that bread! Thanks for sharing and taking me on this journey, I was in France last year but didn’t get to cote d’azur maybe this year! xxCorrina.

  8. rosanna says:

    As we say “Tu sfondi una porta aperta”
    I do love Menton,it is very close Genoa,just 2 hours ride,and yet it already has the flavour of France and of holiday.One of my fav places for a brief break from reality.
    Jilly’s pics are wonderful and truly capture the feeling of the town
    Buona giornata,Rosanna

  9. It makes me so happy you are all enjoying the photos – thankyou so much for the comments. For those who haven’t one day you must visit beautiful Menton!

  10. Dear Jilly and Carla,

    How fun for me to see all these beautiful photos of Menton (where I was fortunate enough to have Madame Jilly as a private chauffeur and guide last year!)

    What talented photographers you both are… and a huge inspiration for me and many others, I am certain.

    Keep up the good work!

    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  11. La Contessa says:

    BELLISIMA!!!!!!!So, its part of France now?

    • La Contessa, yes, it was Mentone and Italians still call it that but it’s been part of France for 150 years. I think we had that celebration a year ago – or was it two? Menton is Italian tho and that is part of its charm.Of course. Ciao x

  12. I love all the photos but that sunset is breathtaking.
    Thank you Jilly and thank you Carla :)

  13. Gail & I met Jilly in Monte Carlo a couple of years ago when we went on a little break to Monte Carlo. She is a really lovely person and brilliant in how she looks after all the stray and abandoned dogs she comes across.

    Hope to se her and Menton someday soon

  14. Diana says:

    Fabulous article! I had never heard of Menton but now it is definitely on my list to visit when I eventually make my way to the Cote D’azur!

    • Carla says:

      A must Diana so happy Jilly has introduced you to something new x

    • Diana, I think a lot of people think of the French Riviera as Cannes, St. Tropez, Juan les Pins, which are all fabulous but more dressed up, more rah rah rah. Menton is somehow gentler. It used to be very much a town for older people but that has changed. It still is, but it’s a family holiday place – well for anyone really because it’s so beautiful and a hop skin and jump to Italy. Everyone seems to love and I hope you will too.

  15. Melissa says:

    Stunning post Carla x

  16. Jerry Rocteur says:

    Thanks Jilly nice to read you from another source!
    Great photos.
    And thanks for helping us discover Carla on your blogs.

  17. jann says:

    Gorgeous images–all of them! The old man in b&w took my breath away…

  18. Glenda Pace says:

    Beautiful and always interesting photos from Jilly. I have been a fan of her blogs every since I discovered them. She has such an eye for people and I especially love her dog photos!

  19. a wonderful post full of life and happiness from another Carla!

  20. Menton is the favourite place of a dear friend who passed away last year. Now I know what he was talking about.

  21. mihaela says:

    if I could choose a place to stay for the rest of my life I would choose Menton, no doubt !

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