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Giovinazzo In the Rain

I hope you all survived Christmas. We escaped Paris in the snow and arrived in Puglia to 18 degrees. A shock to our icy systems! This is a snap of Giovinazzo a beautiful port village near Francesco’s family home. Hope you enjoy the colours.

Have a great New Year.



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Brasserie Lipp in the Rain

The snow has gone for now and it’s raining outside. I have the soup on, the heating up high and looking forward to Christmas with Francesco’s family in Puglia. As a photographer I love the rain it creates the most beautiful reflections and makes everything glossy. I took this photo a couple of years ago after dining at L’Entrecote, we walked out onto Boulevard Saint Germain and Brasserie Lipp was a glow.

I hope you are warm wherever you are..




PS: Taken on my Leica M7


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Paris and One Tourist

It is hard to take a photo with one lone figure in Paris. Thanks to minus three degrees I managed to take this pic on Sunday morning. Paris felt deserted just the photographers and the kids hurling snow balls.

I snapped this pic on Pont Marie and thanks to a girl with a multi-coloured umbrella broke ‘the end of the world’ sensation.

Hope you enjoy it.

PS: Taken on my Leica M8.2

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Notre Dame

The snow just keeps coming in Paris. Though it is cold it is difficult to stay indoors, Paris in the snow is irresistible. Yesterday morning when I woke the rooftops were white. I searched for a pair of shoes with a decent tread and skated on over to Notre Dame.

Pont Marie was a bed of snow and all the Quai’s were strips of white. The photographers were out in force snapping Paris from every angle.

This pic is taken on the right bank behind Notre Dame on my Leica M8..

Stay warm



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and the winners are….

Thanks to all of you who entered the competition to win a copy of Paris Tango. So many wonderful words of love for this city..

I am pleased to announce that Nathalie @ Dolce Dreams and Anna@ annwithlove have a copy of Paris Tango on the way to them.

I took the photo above on the weekend when my hubby decided he wanted to test a new filter. We ended up at one of the most photogenic spots in Paris and I couldn’t resist a quick snap.. Voila, the Pont des Arts at sundown..



ps on my Leica M8 resting on a stone wall.

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